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Simple Family Organization: Easily Organize School Papers

November 30, 2015

Organize School Papers at Home Solves the problem of… how to manage and organize the daily flood of papers from school! How the “School Papers” System Works Our system for organizing school papers at home is pretty simple and straightforward. The kids clean out their backpacks every day, after school. (It’s one of their “after-school” magnets, from our Morning Magnet routine.) Trash goes…

Simple Family Organization:
A Kitchen Command Center That Works

November 27, 2015

Command Center for Organizing Mail, School Papers, & Junk Solves the problem of… losing important mail/papers AND having mail, papers, and other junk flood my kitchen counters.   How the Command Center Works My Command Center may not look as pretty as the fancy ones you’ll find on Pinterest, but it is unique in three…

Simple Family Meal Organization:
Easy Lunch and Dinner Menu Board

November 20, 2015

The Menu Board for Simple Family Meal Organization Solves the problem of… having to figure out what to buy and prepare for lunches and dinner every day. Additional benefits… the Menu Board also improves meal-time cooperation from the kids… and has them making their own lunches, with minimal fuss. It’s a fabulous tool for achieving…

Simple Family Organization:
Cure “Last-Minute Syndrome”

November 18, 2015

Get Everyone on the Same Page with the Sunday Meeting Solves the problem of… last-minute syndrome! A short, 5-10 minute routine can transform your family organization… and your family! During this brief, weekly meeting, we: review schedules for the next two weeks, review school papers we missed during the week, select lunches and dinners on the…

Simple Family Organization:
Make Mornings Easy With Morning Organization Magnets!

November 15, 2015

Resolve Chaos with “Morning Organization Magnets!” Solves the problem of: chaotic, rushed mornings with lots of nagging and yelling! Added benefit(s): The “morning magnets” were so effective for morning organization, we also added “after school” and “bedtime” magnets to manage recurring, daily tasks. For better or worse, my best ideas always come when I’m fed up! Ticked…

Simple Family Organization:
An Allowance System that Works!

November 12, 2015

Our Allowance System Solves the problem of… the kids not caring about: getting to school on time, turning off the lights, listening to directions, etc. Additional benefits… the allowance system also builds: their sense of ownership and responsibility around the house, their value for money and other belongings, and their ability to discern how to…

Simple Family Organization: Life-Saving, Multi-Purpose Organizer

November 10, 2015

Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer Solves the problem of… saving my sanity while keeping my house reasonably tidy. How the Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer Works I have six of these beauties in my home, mostly as a holding place for clutter: In my kitchen, as pictured in the Command Center (see photo below). Each bin is labeled for a different…

Book Review: A Mom’s Guide to Life After Divorce
(P.S. Dads, too!)

October 12, 2015

I certainly hope you don’t ever need this book. But, the reality is that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. And the journey is very lonely. Even though thousands of people are going through the process at any given time, the experience is L-O-N-E-L-Y. The grief about the past. The worries about the…

Six Steps to
Conquer the Chaos

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