What Additional Supplies Are Needed?

Recommended Binder & Planner Supplies

The SOAR® Binder and SOAR Planner are two cornerstone tools for the entire SOAR system.

But, don’t worry… the cost is minimal. Descriptions and examples of the items needed are listed below:

The Binder

Description: Durable, 1.5-inch binder with pockets on the inside front and back covers. We recommend the “view-binders” so students can personalize –and easily identify– their binders from their peers.

Quantity: 1 per student

Suggested Resource:

WARNING: DO NOT USE LARGER BINDERS! MAX SIZE IS 1.5-IN DIAMETER. 2 & 3-inch binders are too big for students to carry and way too big to fit in a bookbag; they are simply too big to work! Trust us, 1.5-inch works great! (In fact, 1-inch works pretty well, too!)

Poly Binder Pockets

Description: Plastic (poly) folders, that fit in a 3-ring binder, for holding papers. Some binder pockets come with 1 pocket, others with 2 pockets. Either design works well. Tabs are helpful, but not necessary.

Quantity: 1 folder per student, per class. (Usually 6-8 folders per student.)

Suggested Resource:

Folder Labels

Description: “File folder” labels
(Most any label will do; they are for labeling the folders in the binder and the “At-Home Paper Station.”)

Quantity: 12-19 labels per student

Suggested Resource:

Notebook Paper

Description: Loose-leaf notebook paper

Quantity: 1 package per student

Suggested Resource: 

At-Home Paper Station*

Description: Mobile Hanging File* (File folders and shoe box are an acceptable alternative.  See below.)

Quantity: 1 per student

Suggested Resource: 

*There are many different (cheaper) ways to set up/organize an “at-home” paper station.  As noted above, a clean shoe box and some file folders are sufficient!  As long as students have a “designated place to keep papers that is easily accessible,” anything will work.

But, the tool pictured above is a favorite with students; they literally cheer when we show this during live presentations!  (Seriously! Surprised us, too!) They love the bright colors.  We love that this requires only “one hand” to pull papers from their binder and slide into their “paper station” at home, when hung on a wall.

Schools often recommend this product to parents at back-to-school events, or in newsletters/emails sent home to parents.  The mobile hanging file is a very popular tool with students and really helps facilitate great organization at home!

Student Agenda/Planner

Description: Academic planner with both a week and month view. Make sure it is not too bulky! 

Quantity: 1 per student

Binder Clip (for planner)

Description: 19mm binder clip

Quantity: 1 per student

Suggested Resource:

Mechanical Pencil (for planner)

Description: Mechanical pencil

Quantity: 1 per student

Suggested Resource:

Mechanical Pencils

Note: Be sure to select a pencil that will slide into the spiral binding of the planner. Pencils with fancy “finger grips” won’t work.


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