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Standardized Tests:
Two Proven Ways to Raise Test Scores

April 5, 2020

Research consistently confirms there are two critical ways to raise test scores on standardized tests: Build “cognitive flexibility” with metacognitive strategies.1 If students don’t have problem-solving strategies for learning content, well… they won’t learn it! Obviously. Teach the curriculum, not “to the test.” Teaching “to the test” –also known as “item teaching”– actually lowers test scores; it…

Why Is Simplicity So Complicated?

March 27, 2020

In medicine, doctors will prescribe the minimum effective dose. Meaning, you want to cure the illness but minimize the side effects. Learning is no different. When learning new materials, we want to use the strategies that are most effective, with the least amount of side effects, (time, energy, stress/anxiety). Graphic organizers can be good tools…

Could Your Special Education & RTI Students be More Successful Than Their “General Ed” Peers?

March 20, 2020

What if your students could create their own “David and Goliath” story?   It’s not only possible, it’s quite simple. How do I know? Three reasons… First, It’s Been Done Before! In 1896, in the slums of Rome, a young woman was put in charge of a young group of children labeled “impossible to educate.” Her students…

The Challenges of “D-I-Y” Study Skills Programs

March 15, 2020

Trying to Piece Your Own Study Skills Program Together? It’s “back to school” season, which means I’ve been talking to a LOT of educators in the past few months. That’s normal for this time of year. However, something is different this year. I’m hearing something I’ve heard a lot over the past 20 years, but…

How to Solve Our National Motivation Crisis

March 8, 2020

The United States’ Motivation Crisis is so pervasive; we look right through it. A fish is the last one to know he swims in water. Likewise, the solution is so simple, you might miss its full power. How to Solve the Motivation Crisis We simply need to “change the conversation!” We need to stop focusing on deficiencies…

Student Motivation Is a National Crisis…
and NO ONE Is Talking About It!

March 1, 2020

Student motivation is a national crisis! Across every boundary: gender, racial, geographic, academic, and socioeconomic… students simply don’t care. Everyone knows our education system is in turmoil. It’s critically disconnected from the real-world. People attempt to improve education with STEM or STEAM programs. Or, they try to build “critical thinking skills.” But no one is talking about the…

The “New Initiative” Bandwagon:
The One Fatal Flaw of Every Education Initiative

February 23, 2020

Why Do You Have to Work So Hard to Make Students Learn? You work harder and harder, but clearly feel a drag. You are tasked with more things to do, document, and correlate every day. Your extended efforts never seem to be enough. Students become more apathetic. Many people are quick to blame technology. But,…

Study Skills Curriculum Trial

February 20, 2020

Design is a funny word Free Trial: SOAR Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum Educators, parents, and students… this is your opportunity to try/preview the SOAR Study Skills curriculum. You’ll have the opportunity to explore nearly every part of the curriculum.  Check out sample lessons in the student app.  Preview some teacher training videos.  Tour a…

Are You the Best Version of Yourself?

February 16, 2020

Have you created the best version of yourself? I recently met an inspiring individual that most certainly has. You haven’t seen this person on the cover of Forbes.  She doesn’t flaunt expensive clothing and jewelry. And, you haven’t seen her meeting with world leaders. Well, not yet anyway. But, she did just win a prestigious…

Cost of Disorganization

January 27, 2020

Design is a funny word SOAR® in the News The SOAR® Curriculum The most critical learning, organizing, and communication skills needed for school. Learn more here. Who’s Using SOAR®? Click here to learn more.

Six Steps to
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SOAR® in the News
The SOAR® Curriculum

The most critical learning, organizing, and communication skills needed for school. Learn more here.

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