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The New Landscape of Time-Management in Virtual Learning

September 22, 2020

Exactly one year ago this month, we started an adventure that would become the STEEPEST learning curve of our lives… We launched a hybrid secondary school.  Prophetically, eight months before the world would be flipped upside down, we flipped ourselves upside down! In February, 2020, we finally paused for a moment to catch our breath…

The ADHD Circuit: How ADHD Works

September 13, 2020

The ADHD Circuit Video Transcription ADHD is the term we use when the Front Brain has a LOW power supply of brain chemicals. The Front Brain is the organizing center of the brain. It orchestrates everything…from your five senses and emotions to the thoughts you generate in response to them. For example, imagine this string…

SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App Plus (Student)

August 21, 2020


SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App Plus

August 21, 2020

A complete package to help parents and students resolve the challenges around virtual learning. Includes:

  • SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills App Student License (Online Self-Directed Course)
  • Training videos on virtual learning
  • Checklists for software & supplies
  • Direct access to our private SOAR® Virtual Learning Consulting Team
  • Progress monitoring of your child’s advancement through SOAR®

SOAR® Virtual Learning Skills

August 20, 2020

Is Your Child Ready for Virtual? It’s completely ok to say “no,” most students are not.  Virtual Learning is a whole different ballgame than traditional classroom learning.  The education system is centered around a classroom teacher leading instruction, but virtual learning is a huge transition to the student being at the center.  This requires a…

Plus! Parent Support

August 20, 2020

Design is a funny word Welcome, SOAR App Plus! Parents! This is your direct-access link to our Plus! Parent Support Team. Please submit any questions you might have in the form below.  Our team strives to answer all questions within 1 business day of form submission.  Furthermore, as an App Plus! Parent, you receive priority response over general…

Student Motivation: How to Get Students in the “Green Zone”

August 16, 2020

It’s second hour in Mr. K’s class. The bell has just rung.  Mr. K is ready to get started with his lesson. But, here’s what Mr. K doesn’t know is lurking under the surface: Susie was just dumped by her boyfriend because of an untrue rumor posted on social media last night. Jimmy’s coach stopped him…

Study Skills for College

August 9, 2020

Whether you teach students who are heading off to college in a few months or in five years, there are a few study skills that can dramatically improve their odds of success. How do I know? I’ve lived this story. If you have not heard it before, the short version of my story is that…

Back-to-School Prep: Pandemic Edition

August 4, 2020

Every year at this time, we usually share our evergreen article, 21 Days to Back-to-School Bliss. I wrote it before I had children of my own, but have since referenced it for 15 back-to-school seasons as a mom.  Yet not one of those seasons has ever compared to this year! Nor does any one of…

Study Halls: Where They Go Wrong

July 26, 2020

Study hall… Students hate it…. Teachers hate it more… (Okay, a couple of you like it… but most of you don’t.) Why? Because most study halls don’t work! Recently, we’ve had conversations with several schools about “Study Hall.” All of them expressed frustration over lack of results. From these conversations, two common themes have emerged:…

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