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Sometimes educators and parents encounter special circumstances when working with their students.  Whether it's a formal diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, or just challenges with motivation, reading, writing, etc., SOAR can direct you to the solution.  Explore these great topics and more, below...

Frustrating year for your student? Learning study skills over the summer will lead to completely different results next school year.

How Do I Get My Kid Motivated?

I’ve been dealing with the issue of motivation since I met my first tutoring client nearly 20 years ago.  He clearly did not want to work with me (at first), nor have most of the students in my study skills classes ever since. So I always open my classes by...

Susan Kruger, M.Ed., Author of SOAR Study Skills, with her son. Together, they've battled big challenges with ADHD and dyslexia!

ADHD Help for Parents

ADHD affects nearly 8% of the world’s population.  Regardless of country or culture, one in thirteen people have the condition.  Many are quick to think that ADHD is “over diagnosed,” “just an excuse,” or simply “not real.”  For anyone who has it, or has lived with someone who does, you know very well that this is not the case.

Susan as student

Susan Kruger's Personal Story

I struggled in school! K-12 was a serious challenge for me. I had no confidence. Frankly, I felt “stupid.” But, my life changed when I figured out how to learn.

SOAR proudly endorses "All About Spelling" for reading decoding and spelling instruction.

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SOAR® is staffed with parents and educators who are always on the look-out for great educational resources. We only recommend products that match the SOAR® philosophy of being SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and EFFICIENT. 

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