Simple Family Organization: Life-Saving, Multi-Purpose Organizer

Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer

Solves the problem of... saving my sanity while keeping my house reasonably tidy.

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How the Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer Works

I have six of these beauties in my home, mostly as a holding place for clutter:

  • In my kitchen, as pictured in the Command Center (see photo below). Each bin is labeled for a different region of the house: master bedroom, kids’ rooms, basement, great room/office.
  • In our great room. Each bin is labeled for a different member of the family.
  • In the master bedroom. Because everyone hangs out in my room, then leaves all of their stuff behind. Each bin is labeled for a different member of the family.
  • In our “mud room” for managing hats, gloves, etc. Two hang in the coat closet, one for “winter stuff,” one for “summer stuff.” A third one hangs on the wall, just as you walk in the house, to collect whatever falls out of people’s hands as they walk in. All bins are labeled for each member of the family.


Q: Is this organizer durable? 
A: Yes, I haven’t had a problem with it in almost a year.

Q: Where do I get this amazing miracle of an invention?
A: See “Supplies Needed,” below.

Q: Why didn’t I think of something this simple, yet so functional?
A: I know. Right?

Supplies Needed

  • Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer. Lots of them!
  • Labels. I used print-your-own business cards. (Then laminated them.)
  • Binder clips to hold labels in place.
  • Optional: board or cardboard to flatten the bottom of the bins. (Old paperback books are an ideal size, as well.) I personally have not bothered to put a “bottom” in my bins, but LOTS of Amazon reviewers expressed frustration that the bins sag. I thought my Type-A self would find the sagging bins annoying, but I don’t. (Maybe I’m becoming a Type-B+.)

How to Set Up the Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer

  1. Determine how many organizers you want. Think of all of the places in your house that would breathe a sigh of relief with one of these babies!
  2. Buy your Life-Saving Multi-Purpose Organizer.
  3. Hang on your walls, per instructions provided. (Hanging was fairly easy. You will want to have a level handy, though.)
  4. Attach labels.
  5. Stop searching for things. The next time a child or husband asks you –The Automatic Keeper of All Things– where something is, tell them to “Check your bins!”
  6. Throw things away! If the bins begin to overflow, start throwing things away. I’m a big believer in “zero maintenance” and “personal responsibility” and refuse to nag people to keep their bins clean. (“Bin maintenance” has never been an issue in my house; people are afraid their stuff will disappear.)

Simple Family Organization: Three Rules for Success

This is just one post in my series “Simple Family Organization.” Find a full directory of additional posts, here.  I’ve been creating systems for students and businesses for more than 20 years. In that time, I’ve found three “rules” that make systems successful for all ages:

Simple Family Organization Systems

This picture of my kitchen shows all of my Simple Family Organization systems in place.


Three Rules for Success

1. They must be easily accessible. Everything must be within easy reach for every member of the family. Also, whenever possible, supplies should be accessible with just ONE HAND. If you need two hands to move or manipulate something, the rate of compliance drops significantly.

2. They must require little maintenance. I have found lots of beautiful systems on Pinterest. But, I always ask, “What’s required if I need to change something down the road?” (Such as add a new meal, or a new ‘task’?) If making adjustments in the future will require more than a few steps, I’ll never get around to doing it. So, I keep it simple from the start.

3. They must be “80% Successful or better.” Not one of my “Simple Family Organization Systems” has been used accurately, 100% of the time. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes the kids forget. Sometimes our rhythm is thrown off for some unforeseen reason. But, overall, these systems have made a dramatic improvement in our lives at least 80% of the time.

Make it happen!

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