Welcome, Parents!

You’ve arrived on this page because you are concerned, right? We get it. We’re parents, too. Your child is an amazing kid, the apple of your eye, and you want the best for them. If you could give them the moon, you would.

Mom and teen son

You want the best for you child, and SOAR® can help!

You’ve noticed that your son or daughter – or maybe all of your children – need more guidance than what they are getting in school.   Maybe their grades don’t reflect just how bright they are. Perhaps your child struggles to remember all that they are supposed to do in school and at home. Or simply, you know that your child could just do better.

They can do better! They will. You’ve come to the right place. Take a deep breath, it will be okay, really.

SOAR® has the right products for you to help your child, teen, or young adult succeed in school and in life. The products will change the way your son or daughter learns, the way they study, give them better organizational skills, and actually give them more time to have fun!

We have the right tools for you to guide and support your child.

Our core program is presented in our SOAR® Study Skills book.  However, many families prefer a more “done-for-you” approach.  That’s why we created our SOAR® School Success Kit and ADHD School Success Kit for grades 6-12.  Each kit includes a scorecard to help you focus on the best strategies for you, plus videos, and all of the supplies you’ll need to make SOAR® a success from home.

Our focus is to create and publish materials that teach study skills. Because we are not a service provider, we do not provide training to parents to teach the program. Most parents find they are able to effectively guide their child, teen, or young adult to use our SOAR® Study Skills book, the SOAR® School Success Kit , or the ADHD School Success Kit.

 But, if you feel you need help, do what Susan, the founder and author of SOAR® did… hire a responsible high school or college student, hand them a SOAR® School Success Kit, or the ADHD School Success Kit, and have them take your child or young adult through the program.  Simple!  The helper you hire should be older and should have a good rapport with your child.  Of course, take precautions to get solid recommendations, ensure the tutoring is taking place in your view or in a public place.  But, you’re smart and knew that already.

Students who read and learn our best selling SOAR® Study Skills book immediately double their comprehension and double their reading speed. With one simple method, reading textbooks goes from painful to simple.

The SOAR® Program covers:

  • Time & task-management
  • Goal-setting
  • Paper organization
  • Homework & project planning
  • Reading skills
  • Organizing at home & school
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Communication & affective skills
  • Writing strategies

Satisfaction guaranteed! 100% money-back if you’re not happy.

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