For Educators: How to Get Started

Step 1 – Preview the SOAR® Curriculum

Have you requested a Digital Review Copy of our SOAR® Workbook?

Complete the red form on the right side of this page and we’ll email you a PDF of the entire book!  Within minutes of signing up, you’ll be browsing the pages of SOAR®.

Pro Tip:  When requesting a Digital Review Copy, take advantage of the opportunity to schedule an Ask The Author Call with Susan Kruger, Founder of SOAR®.  This is a unique opportunity for educators to get Susan’s expertise when assessing how SOAR® will work in their school.

The SOAR® Guarantee 

We are so confident in the power of our program, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

If the SOAR® curriculum is used with fidelity, we guarantee that your students will experience the following improvements:

  • +0.5 increase in GPA
  • 20% improvement in student confidence and attitude, as measured by the pre and post Study Skills Scorecard
  • 30% reduction in missing assignments

…or we will issue you a full refund for your purchase. To learn more, click here.

Step 2 – Do a 7 Day Trial

Explore our Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide and the Student App!

For one week you can explore a trial version of the Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide.  You’ll find: ready-to-go lesson plans, done-for-you presentation tool, multiple assessments, additional activities, teacher training videos, and more.  To do the Trial, contact us HERE.

The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills App is an engaging, interactive, online way for students to access the SOAR® Curriculum.  It features all of the content in our SOAR® Workbook, and more (thanks to the additional, multi-media tools of video, audio, exercises, games, quizzes, etc.).  To explore the Student App (and the Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide) for one week, click HERE.

Step 3 – Explore Pricing Options

Want to be surprised how affordable it is to create strong learners?

UNDER 100 Students

OVER 100 Students

Step 4 – Discover Implementation Tools

Continue your exploration of the SOAR® Curriculum with the many tools we provide you to assist with implementation.

Whether you’re serving 15 students or 1,500, implementing a new curriculum requires preparation.  However, that preparation can be both easy and painless (or, dare we say enjoyable)!  We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  Check out the many resources below to assist with your implementation.


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