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SOAR® Learning offers a variety of training options to meet your needs. Details about each option are below.

Web-Based Teacher Training

Web-based trainings are best for implementation with 3-10 teachers.

All trainings are customized to meet your objectives! Prior to the training session, we will schedule a 15-minute consultation to learn about your specific objectives, schedule parameters, and more.  This allows us to customize the web-based session to meet your specific needs. 

Generally, the training sessions will cover:

  • How to teach the strategies and motivate students for success.
  • Hands-on activities they can do to reinforce the concepts and strategies.
  • Common “complaints” and “excuses” students are likely to hear from students and how to respond to them.
  • How to pace the instruction to fit your schedule.

Click for more information about our web-based training options.

What Do Teachers Think of SOAR® Training?

Teachers Rate Trainings - 4 StartsAll trainings are conducted by highly trained educators. Over the years, our participants have ranked our trainings and content. We maintain a transparent database of scores and comments. Our average score is 3.8 out of 4.0!

These are just a few comments teachers have shared:

“100% useful and effective! Funny examples.”

“Everything was informative and useful!”

“I loved the binder! What a simple, but effective idea.”

“I would recommend this session to colleagues. It was informative and refreshing. Good energy and great examples.”

Live Training

Live, on-site trainings are best for school-wide or district-wide implementation.  

All trainings are customized to meet your objectives! Prior to the training session, we will schedule a consultation to learn about the specific objectives, schedule parameters, and more of your school/district/organization.  This consultation enables us to best meet your objectives for the live training.

For more information about our live training options, click Live On-Site Training Proposal

Teacher Training Videos

Our teacher training videos are the best option for implementation with 1-3 teachers.

Grades 6-12

All curriculum packages come with the following:
Study Skills for Middle and High School (6-12) Training Video 

Grades K-5

We have several videos available for K-5.  Previews are available below:

These videos may not be available in our Store. If not, Contact Us to purchase.

The Next Step

After you have reviewed the information and quotes above, please Contact Us with additional questions or to book a training.



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