Are You Broken? New York Educator Admits to Her Students, “I Didn’t Feel Like I Mattered.”

I’m sure you have heard the story of Principal Lopez from Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn, NY. If you haven’t, check out the quick clip from The Ellen Show below:

Ellen speaks with Principal Lopez and Vidal

Principal Lopez was broken. She was ready to put in her resignation and stated how many educators get to that point; where they don’t think they can do it anymore. BURNED OUT. Where you feel you give so much, you put in long hours, and still feel ineffective.

For most educators, the worst feeling is that you are not making a difference. You feel like the kids don’t care, and your students don’t want to learn.

Vidal, one of her scholars, was asked on the street, “Who influences you the most?” He replied, “Principal Lopez”. When she found out, her world was flipped upside-down and her motivation immediately reinstated.

Think about it, who has influenced you in your life? I would bet that at least one of your top three people would be a teacher.

Do you know whom are you influencing? Whether you know it or not, there are kids that are inspired by you. It’s probably not spoken. So, reflect on the comments that Principal Lopez has gotten and read them as if they were being spoken to you.

Little did Ms. Lopez she know, her toughness, ambition, and how much she cared was evident to everyone around her. “I couldn’t even believe he thought that much of me,” she said in her interview.

 Ms. Lopez’s story teaches an important lesson in education. If your vision is clear and you are dedicated to your students, it will not go unnoticed.

 Your efforts might not be recognized today, but what if they are tomorrow?

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