How Special Education Students Can Come Out Ahead of General Education Students

Stop. Answer these questions:

  • In 1970, what percentage of jobs in the marketplace required a 4-year college degree?
  • Today, what percentage of jobs in the marketplace require a 4-year college degree?

Here’s your answer…


Notice the percentage of jobs requiring a 4-year degree has not changed. How can this be?  Professional careers (e.g. doctor, lawyer, teacher, and engineer) have not changed.

The percentage of jobs that formerly required a high school degree now require some college or training.

Our social belief is a 4-year degree is the formula for success. The result is over qualified people working in jobs that require some college or training. These unnecessary 4-year degrees come with an average debt load of $35,000 per student.

So what is the winning strategy for the special education student to come out ahead of the general education student?

Knowledge. Knowing what level of education they need to qualify for the job they want.

Avoiding social pressure. Most general education students will enter into a four year degree program because they can easily be admitted and they believe that it’s their only path to success. The result is hundreds of thousands of students saddled in debt, seeking jobs that require some college or training.

Proper planning.  The well-advised special education student can pursue the same career in less time and with less debt. The result is a properly educated career professional, earning money earlier in life without the burden of [climbing out of] debt.

Our society is falling deeper into the trap of “everyone must go to college.” The term “college” invokes thoughts of a four year degree and looks past the value of other post-secondary educational opportunities.  We seem to look past the “career readiness” component of Common Core.

Special education students can have a guilt-free, practical plan to achieve their career goals.  If we guide our students towards a satisfying career, and identify the necessary steps to achieve it, they will find the path of least resistance. Students can do this in a fraction of the time without a hefty price tag included.

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