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Happy Halloween!
My Grandma’s Eternal Halloween Departure

October 29, 2018

Happy Halloween! On this peculiar holiday that celebrates death, I thought I would share a very crazy, but 100% true story about my Grandma’s Eternal Halloween Departure. Hey, I’m not the one who invented this holiday! So, if it sounds a little weird to celebrate this story, well… it is. But, death is a natural part of…

Are You the Best Version of Yourself?

January 30, 2018

Have you created the best version of yourself? I recently met an inspiring individual that most certainly has. You haven’t seen this person on the cover of Forbes.  She doesn’t flaunt expensive clothing and jewelry. And, you haven’t seen her meeting with world leaders. Well, not yet anyway. But, she did just win a prestigious…

How I Almost Forgot the Meaning of Thanksgiving…

November 20, 2017

Although I’m very blessed to be hosting 40+ family members at my home for Thanksgiving, I almost forgot to be thankful… The plan was to move my husband, our two kids, and myself into our new home this past weekend. Then, be ready to host my 40+ extended family members for Thanksgiving less than a…

Letter to My Younger Self

February 25, 2014

Today is a very special day for me. It’s my 10th anniversary as a parent! Yes, today is my son’s 10th birthday. In honor of my (er, uh… his) special day, I wanted to share a letter written to “my younger self,” just days before my son was born. Last October, I had the privilege…

An Appeal for Support from Susan Kruger’s Husband

January 28, 2014

I am Susan Kruger’s husband. Today I’m asking you to support my wife with three simple clicks of your mouse button. (Nothing more; no email sign-ups, no annoying marketing, just mouse-clicked votes). Are you a fast-track, quick-start? If so, Click here. Why Support Susan? Susan has been recognized for her contributions by her local community.…

Two Life-Changing Minutes from Malala

October 14, 2013

In anticipation of the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winner, I heard a lot of buzz about Malala. If you don’t know Malala, she’s a 16 year-old girl from Pakistan that has been an outspoken advocate of education, especially for girls. As a result, she became a target of the Taliban. One year ago,…

Tips from an Award-Winning Teacher

September 30, 2013

I was happy to have the opportunity to talk with Elisa Collins, an excellent (and now award-winning) study skills teacher at Oasis Middle School in Cape Coral, Florida. It was an exciting chance to talk study skills and pick up some new teaching tips. In 2012, Elisa was one of four teachers to win the…

Michigan’s Teacher of the Year Cracks the Code on the Secret to Success in Education

September 16, 2013

After reading an article in our local Detroit Free Press, my husband, Brian, was inspired to write the following. Enjoy! – Susan ——– Identifying the Problem “We have to be in a growth mind-set,” said Michigan Teacher of the Year Garry Abud. “This is not a fixed world. It’s about moving forward.” Gary Abud’s words…

The SOAR® Manifesto: A Near-Disastrous Moment at Age 17 Is Now the Foundation of SOAR®

August 26, 2013

When I was 17, my mom (a physician), invited me to be her guest at an invitation-only “cocktail party” for a new physical therapy (PT) center.  In reality, it was an open house for doctors and other health care professionals who might refer patients to the new center for PT. Mom’s invitation was like a…

SOAR Is in the News!

September 20, 2011

I’m from the Detroit area and our local economy, like many others, has been hit hard lately. People from the Motor City are working hard to re-innovate themselves and the community. It’s an energizing time to be a part of this town (especially now that our baseball team has just clinched the American League Central…

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