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Series: Simple Blueprint for Human-Friendly Education Reform

Pulling It All Together: An Ideal School System

July 16, 2017

Ideal School System Matrix We’ve covered a lot of ground in this series on education reform; it can seem overwhelming! However, the chart below pulls all of the recommendations from the previous articles together into a coherent plan for building a human-friendly school system… Thanks for joining me on this journey through Education Reform: A Simple…

SOAR: The Four Principles of Optimal Instruction

July 9, 2017

Conclusion to Our Series – Education Reform: A Simple Blueprint for Human-Friendly Education The purpose of this series has been to highlight and fix the core problem with education in the United States… our utter disregard of human development. We heavily examined the brain biology of learning. We also examined the work of Dr. Montessori, which…

Looking Forward: Advice from a Futurist

June 28, 2017

Discussions about the future can be somewhat scary. What will the world be like with autonomous vehicles and artificially-intelligent robots running everything? However, Futurist Brian David Johnson shows us the undeniable role humans play in creating and designing their own future, and discusses how we can prepare future generations to be ready to create their…

The Simplest Leverage Points in Reading, Math, & Skills Instruction

June 22, 2017

In every core domain of learning (reading/math/skills), there is another core element of effective instruction that is so simple, it is often overlooked. However, we ignore these core elements at great expense to our budgets and the eternal frustration of our greatest asset… our students! To be clear, the Success Pyramid still applies. We must…

Common Core: Why It’s the Worst and BEST Thing to Happen to Education!

June 18, 2017

Very few things stir more controversy than the mention of Common Core.  There are numerous complains, but most seem to center on a few common themes: “Common Core doesn’t make sense.” “The math is killing our kids.” “Common Core doesn’t teach American History, Civics, or Government; our children will not have an understanding or appreciation…

Finland: A Political Model of Education Reform

June 11, 2017

Finland: Worldwide Leader in Education More than 30 years ago, Finland made dramatic changes to the political infrastructure of their school system. A generation later, they emerged at the top of the world in international assessments for managing “real-world” situations. They are one of the leading political models to investigate. Finland has created a system…

Ideal Instructional Models: Successful Examples of Complete Human Education

June 5, 2017

Education Reform – Part II: Practical Implementations of Complete Human Education In previous articles, we focused on: the core problems of education in the United States, a simple model for effective learning, and how that model helps us resolve our top problems. We also explored how this model relates to special education. From this point…

Detroit: A Vision for the Worst-Performing School System in the World

May 29, 2017

Today is the beginning of the largest policy conference in the country, the Mackinac Policy Conference (MPC). Right now, Brian and I are on our way up to Michigan’s magnificent Mackinac Island to participate. The MPC gets it’s name from the conference location, but the focus is primarily on the city of Detroit. The #1 topic…

Solutions for Core Problem #2 with Education in the United States

November 13, 2016

  In a previous article, I described Three Core Problems with US Education: Core Problem #1: There is a serious motivation crisis among our students. Core Problem #2: There is a lack of relevance in our curriculum. Core Problem #3: We are using completely irrational and ineffective models for learning. Within each problem, there are simple…

The Brain Biology of Learning:
Why the Success Pyramid Works

November 1, 2016

In the previous article, I introduced The Success Pyramid, a simple model showing the three elements of effective and efficient learning. These three levels have a direct link to brain biology. The brain is powered by electricity, just like any electrical appliance. It is made of billions of tiny wires (neurons) that send electrical impulses across various regions of the…

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