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The “New Initiative” Bandwagon:
The One Fatal Flaw of Every Education Initiative

February 18, 2018

Why Do You Have to Work So Hard to Make Students Learn? You work harder and harder, but clearly feel a drag. You are tasked with more things to do, document, and correlate every day. Your extended efforts never seem to be enough. Students become more apathetic. Many people are quick to blame technology. But,…

Managing Heavy Material

September 5, 2017

“Wait, I must have read that wrong. They want me to read how many pages? BEFORE class even starts? This is not what I had in mind when deciding to take a summer class in college!” I knew nursing school wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t think it would be this demanding! My name is…

The Simplest Approach to Learning Study Skills

March 17, 2015

In medicine, doctors will prescribe the minimum effective dose. Meaning, you want to cure the illness but minimize the side effects. Learning is no different. When learning new materials, we want to use the strategies that are most effective, with the least amount of side effects, (time, energy, stress/anxiety). Graphic organizers can be good tools…

Simplicity Creates the Best Soft Skills

November 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered what we do with the regular feedback that we get about our program? Well, sometimes, we determine we just can’t use it!

The iPad Simplified the Computer. This Will Simplify Education…

October 17, 2014

Last week Susan and I attended an 80/20 seminar put on by Richard Koch and Perry Marshall. Richard Koch is the modern day expert on the 80/20 principle (for more info on 80/20 principle click HERE). There we learned more about the power of 80/20 and the power of simplification. In the 1960s some of…

Why Didn’t Someone Teach Me How to Learn Earlier!?

March 11, 2014

At the end of this week, the 2nd edition of SOAR® is going to press. As I did eight years ago with the original I’ve put my heart and soul into this new edition to save students from the struggles I did not need to face. The following letter to students is included in the…

The #1 Enemy of Learning

August 5, 2013

Last week, someone blasted me for posting a specific review on Amazon, calling it “self-serving.” This person (whose review name, S. Richardson, leaves the person generally anonymous) spent most of his/her words attacking my integrity. However, buried in the message was one point of constructive criticism that warranted clarification on my part. As I fleshed…

It’s SO Easy, Why Aren’t YOU Using It?!

June 18, 2013

If you could raise your students’ GPA by 1 full point and increase their standardized test scores significantly for a small, per student fee of $30, would you do it? Sound too good to be true?! Student Proficiency We’ve been trained all our lives to avoid opportunities that sound too good to be true. We…

Make Your Job Easier by Harnessing Positive Peer Pressure

June 3, 2013

Peer pressure is incredibly powerful, and that’s not always a bad thing. A substance abuse counselor once told me, “If I am having trouble reaching an adolescent in a one-on-one therapy session, I will send them to group therapy. There is no greater influence in an adolescent’s life than their peers, and group therapy is…

McDonald’s, Gillette, and Study Skills

September 13, 2011

Twenty-five years before Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s store, he was a struggling “paper cup” salesman in Chicago. It was 1930; the country was in the midst of the prohibition era and soda fountains were rapidly expanding as an alternative to bars. Walgreen’s was leading the way, opening new stores and soda fountains at…

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