Simplicity Creates the Best Soft Skills

Have you ever wondered what we do with the regular feedback that we get about our program? Well, sometimes, we determine we just can’t use it!


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People crave the simplicity of the iPad; the same is true for Soft Skills.

Yes, sometimes, we simply cannot use the feedback that is generously given to us. The reason relates to an experience I had while shopping for a new tablet, for my Dad, last week.

When Dad said he wanted to get a new tablet, I immediately thought “Why don’t you get an iPad?” But, he wanted to check out all the options. So I went on a little shopping expedition.

Looking at the iPad’s competitors, I discovered a ton of cool features that the iPad didn’t have. Some tablets come with a stylus so you can write by hand, others have detachable keyboards, and some have USB ports for flash drives or other devices.

Some can even run programs like a regular computer. Not just downloaded apps, but actual software you can run on a PC.

I was genuinely impressed with all these cool features. They were very attractive, like bright shiny objects. It got me thinking… Why does Apple outsell its competition if its product has less features and can do fewer things?

The answer is simplicity. Sometimes too many features and improvements just lead to complexity. When things are complex, we tend not to use them.

In our everyday lives we are really seeking out two things; effectiveness and simplicity (efficiency). What we are really looking for is, ‘What is the easiest way to _______________?’ .

Let’s go back to the question of why there’s some feedback that we can’t use. The answer is that SOAR follows the same model of simplicity.

Our guiding principles focus on the simplest approach to getting the desired results. This is true whether we are talking about organizing papers, the writing process, or even preparing for a presentation.

We’ve tested many methods on tens of thousands of students. We determined that simplicity with effectiveness is the winning formula for Learning & Soft Skills.

Don’t get us wrong…we LOVE suggestions. We get especially excited when customers find ways even simpler than ours!

So, please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. Just know that we will evaluate all input for both effectiveness and simplicity. Together, we’ll arrive at the most effective and simple Soft Skills on the planet!

To learn more about our award-wining curriculum that promotes simplicity and effectiveness click HERE.


Brian Winter, M.Ed.

Co-Author, SOAR Social-Emotional Learning Skills

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