It’s SO Easy, Why Aren’t YOU Using It?!

If you could raise your students’ GPA by 1 full point and increase their standardized test scores significantly for a small, per student fee of $30, would you do it?

Sound too good to be true?!

study skills

Student Proficiency

We’ve been trained all our lives to avoid opportunities that sound too good to be true. We believe if it’s an easy solution to challenging problem that there must be some type of catch. By doing so, we sometimes forget basic, proven, fundamental principles of what we believe in.

THIS is one opportunity that you CAN’T afford to miss.

What is it? (And, what is it not?)

It is NOT…

  • black magic
  • a genie in a bottle
  • crazy memorization techniques
  • the latest learning gimmick that is here today and gone tomorrow.

It IS…

  • basic, fundamental collection of learning strategies.
  • simple and efficient for all students (even for students with “special needs”).
  • a system with a proven, successful track record.
  • affordable! (480% less expensive than textbooks, on average.)

So, if it’s SO easy, why aren’t YOU using it?!

That’s what we are wondering!

Ohio State University published a study revealing the impact of study skills; when college freshman took a study skills course, they made great gains!

45% = the increased likelihood that “struggling students” would graduate from college.

600% = the increased likelihood that “average” students would graduate from college! Six times the norm…that’s astounding!

Karl G. Masear Preparatory Academy increased their students’ grade point averages by a full point and increased their writing scores on standardized test scores by 5 basis points!

What’s their secret? SOAR® Study Skills. Click here to watch their principal, Robyn Ellis talk about their experience.

Still think this is a risky proposition?

Let us bare the risk! I am so confident that you’ll experience the results you need and that I’ve promised, that I’ll back it with a money-back guarantee! Do you know of any other curriculum company that stands by their program to this level?

Why do we stand behind our program, 100%? Because we’ve made this same offer to over 1,700 school districts and we’ve NEVER had a return!

study skills


SOAR® Study Skills is used in over 1,700 schools and has a 100% money-back guarantee!

“If it’s so easy, why aren’t my teachers already teaching study skills?”

National and state requirements are hefty…and they focus almost exclusively on content. No attention is given to teaching students how to access that content! Teachers are buried in expectations. They don’t feel like they have time to do one more thing.

However, the exact opposite is true! When students are empowered to learn for themselves, they make amazing strides. They learn a lot more in a lot less time.

Secondly, educators are among the most well-educated professionals. But, education colleges don’t train teachers in study skills. Ironically, they teach age-appropriate content through pedagogy. But, they don’t cover student-friendly ways to access that content. In a society that is so focused on the value of learning, we neglect to teach students how to learn. We only tell them what they have to know.

Empowering students with these skills relieve teachers from a LOT of pressure. Teachers no longer have to “babysit.” Instead, they can facilitate productive learning, just as they imagined they would do when they first entered the profession. In fact, most teachers that use SOAR® Study Skills tell us they wish they had these skills a long time ago; school would have been a lot easier for them, too!

Teachers of SOAR® Study Skills have discovered that taking the time to teach study skills pay huge dividends quickly. Students possess the proper learning skills and a solid organizational system, so they are better equipped to learn greater amounts of information, faster.

Even better, students are using the study skills to LEARN the content, not memorize for the test. This is significant, because LEARNING is the key to future success on standardized test scores.

So, if it’s that easy, why aren’t YOU using it?!

Time can’t be a problem, because students learn more in less time with SOAR® Study Skills.

Money can’t be a problem, because this program is very affordable compared to your other curriculum expenditures and it yields results in ALL subject areas.

Scheduling can’t be a problem, because every teacher can these fundamental learning skills and the fundamentals can be covered using a few minutes of each class period. We’ve trained teachers of every subject area (Math, Science, English, and even Physical Education).

If there’s something else that you’re concerned about with your school, call us for help. We’ve helped hundreds of schools craft unique and creative ways to implement SOAR® Study Skills into their school.

-Susan Kruger


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