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Detroit: A Vision for the Worst-Performing School System in the World

May 29, 2017

Today is the beginning of the largest policy conference in the country, the Mackinac Policy Conference (MPC). Right now, Brian and I are on our way up to Michigan’s magnificent Mackinac Island to participate. The MPC gets it’s name from the conference location, but the focus is primarily on the city of Detroit. The #1 topic…

Malcolm Gladwell’s Gift to Detroit: A Language for Success!

June 10, 2014

The Power of Language Two nights ago, my ten year-old son, Mark, was getting very upset over simple things. After the second meltdown, I knew something was up. Me: “Sit down. Tell me what’s really going on?” Mark: “I spilled my drink!” Me: “I know that’s upsetting. But you’re having a ‘ten-mile reaction’ to a ‘two-inch…

Educators: “We Are All from Detroit”

March 16, 2014

I was born and raised in Detroit. I’ve long been used to the negative impressions about my hometown when I travel. But last summer, the reaction went visceral. Two weeks after Detroit filed for bankruptcy, I was at a conference on the East Coast. Naturally, I was asked the standard opening question, “Where are you…

February, 2014: Oakland County Executive’s Elite 40 Under 40 Winner!

February 1, 2014

SOAR Founder and CEO, Susan Kruger, was selected as the top executive “Under 40” in Oakland County. To see the full article, click here.

November, 2012: Metromode

November 1, 2012

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in Metromode. SOAR® Learning is growing in some key areas, boosting its bottom line, adding to its staff and expanding into new markets. The Lake Orion-based education firm helps students streamline their study habits and learn more effectively. It has expanded into the markets that help parents with…

January, 2012: Oakland Press

January 1, 2012

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in the Oakland Press. Common problem for parents: not understanding their children Countless parents know their child is not working to his or her potential in school. They fear that there may be a serious, underlying problem. What can these parents do? Where can they go for help?…

September, 2011: Oakland County Prosper

September 1, 2011

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in Oakland County Prosper. SOAR® Learning teaches the building blocks to success   by Ashley C. Woods They say it on the playground — it takes one to know one. Reflecting on the astronomical success of SOAR® Learning, Inc., a Lake Orion-based start-up with an innovative curriculum that…

August, 2004: The Detroit News

August 1, 2004

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in the Detroit News. Camps hone learning skills: Sessions get students in the mood for fall classes by Amy Kuras …A “Girls Get Ready for Middle School” camp was canceled due to lack of participation, but a study skills camp running last week proved popular. Taught by Susan…

June, 2004: Oakland Press

June 1, 2004

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in the Oakland Press. Young girls encouraged to learn, experiment at summer science camp By Patrick Dutcher A miniature Mars Rover wheels around the learning lab, hunting down little wooden targets and running them over. The camera-guided, remote-control car is part of a summer program exclusively for girls…

January, 2004: St. Clair Shores Sentinel

January 1, 2004

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in the St. Clair Shores Sentinel. Workshop helps with schools frustrations By Julie Stevens For many students, as well as for parents, back to class after the holidays signals the return of school and homework frustrations. For many students, incomplete assignments, relatively simple assignments that take hours to…

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