November, 2012: Metromode

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in Metromode.

susan kruger

SOAR® Learning is growing in some key areas, boosting its bottom line, adding to its staff and expanding into new markets.

The Lake Orion-based education firm helps students streamline their study habits and learn more effectively. It has expanded into the markets that help parents with family education and families overcome ADHD learning disabilities.

“These are the markets where people are in need,” says Susan Kruger, president & CEO of SOAR® Learning, formerly SOAR® Study Skills.

That has allowed the 16-year-old company grow its revenue by 11 percent over the last year. SOAR® Learning also hired two people in the last year and now has a staff of four people.

“This has been a smaller year in terms of growth for us,” Kruger says.


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