What Goes On in the ADHD Brain?


The ADHD brain is unique.

This was a question I’ve asked myself many times.  My wife and both of my kids have ADHD, but I do not.  This was problematic, because…

I didn’t understand why I had to ask my son repeatedly to perform simple tasks like put his toys away, brush his teeth, or put his clothes on.  At first, I thought this was a poor parenting issue.  However, with the diagnosis of ADHD, I came to realize this was not the case.

I didn’t understand what was happening in his brain.  Frustration often set in and I was confused why he did the things that he did.

An ADHD brain is unique.  Chances are you know someone with ADHD too and may have wondered how their brain works.

In this short video, Susan Kruger, CEO of SOAR® Learning, explains what happens in the ADHD brain.  Don’t worry, you don’t need a PhD to follow it.  But, it will change the way you view ADHD.

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Brian Winter, M.Ed.

President, SOAR® Learning, Inc.

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