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Ric Bratton, host of This Week in America, interviewed Susan Kruger when SOAR® was just starting to grow to the thriving resource it is today. In this 17 minute long interview, Susan discusses how students can achieve higher grades in half the time. Susan has taught study skills since 1993 and authored the best selling study skills book on Amazon.

Higher Grades in Less Time

Susan was a guest on Ric Bratton’s award winning talk show. Learn how students can get better grades in less time with SOAR.

The message of the interview remains the same – study skills are necessary effective learning and will become valuable life skills in adulthood.

Susan Kruger, founder of SOAR®, struggled throughout her school years. When she was a freshman in college she discovered strategies that allowed her to earn better grades in less time.  She soared to a 3.9 GPA that she maintained throughout college.

Her interview concentrates on four aspects that SOAR® Study Skills teaches:

1. Strategic Learning

2. Power Strategy 

3. Priorities

4. Power Down

Strategic Learning emphasizes the best way for each person to learn, because each student has their own unique way to learn.  For example, some learn best by looking at pictures, so if they read the pictures first, they can get a good idea of what the article is about.  The visuals provide the framework, the text connects the visuals to convey the information/story.

Power Strategy teaches that putting in more time does not create better results.  For every minute spent organizing, an hour in your life is earned.  Following the 80/20 principle and a proactive mindset you can make every minute count and have more free time to do the fun things in life.

Priorities means focusing first on the big picture and working your way down to the details.  Susan referenced the best selling book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by correlating the jar/rocks/pebbles/ water analogy to studying and learning.

Power Down and take control of your life.  Today we all are within an arm’s reach of at least two electronic devices.  Power down for an hour and you will actually be more efficient.  The objective is to not remove fun from your life, rather, to control your time to make space for the fun.

For more information about how the SOAR® Study Skills curriculum can give you higher grades in less time, please click here.


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