The Learning CircuitTM: How Learning Works

The Learning Circuit Video Transcription

Learning is nothing more than your brain creating new wires.

How does this work?

Every time you learn something new, your brain powers a connection from something you already understand.

When this happens, the neuron wires in your brain –the information you already understand– create new wires to capture the new information.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of neuron wires your brain can build! So there’s no limit to the amount of information your brain can learn!

However, LEARNING is often confused with memorization.

When you memorize, your brain just circulates new information in your short-term memory. But, your short-term memory has limited space, like the memory on your phone. To store new information, it must delete “old information.”

For example, have you ever memorized facts and figures for a test, then forgotten everything as soon as the test was over? That was your short-term memory making room for new things.

Learning, however, lasts forever.

Learning happens in long-term memory, when new information connects with another section of the brain… with something you already understand.

For example, long-term memory helps us learn how to read. To learn a new word, we connect that word to things and ideas we already understand. We use words we already know to describe the meaning of the new word.

Learning is easier and more effective than memorization. That’s why SOAR Learning & Soft Skills avoids memorization techniques. Instead, we focus on simple and fast ways to make learning connections.
The ONLY way to learn new information is to make a connection…

Connecting new information to something you already understand.

This is the Learning Circuit.

We will be featuring the more brain biology videos in the weeks to come. To watch the whole series now, click here.

To our students’ success,

Susan Kruger, M.Ed.
Creator of SOAR

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