Video Series: The Brain Biology of Learning

Challenges with learning happen because we don’t understand how learning really works in the brain.

Imagine a doctor prescribing medicine, without knowing what’s wrong. Or a mechanic fixing our car without knowing what’s broken. Likewise, we can’t effectively work around learning challenges until we understand what’s really going on.

That’s why I created this simple video series, The Brain Biology of Learning. Students –and the parents and educators that care for them— must understand what’s really happening in the brain to best navigate challenges…

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The Brain Biology of Learning Video Series (as seen just above ^) includes the following videos:

  • The Brain Circuit: How the Brain Works
  • The Learning Circuit: How Learning Works
  • The ADHD Circuit: How ADHD Works
  • The Autism Circuit: How Learning Works
  • The Learning Disabilities Circuit: How Learning Disabilities Work
  • The Motivation Circuit: How Motivation Works

Click the video above to watch all videos (15 minutes, total). Or, use the buttons below the video to choose a specific topic.

To our students’ success,

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