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General FAQs

Q: Who can benefit from this curriculum?

Everyone! The beauty of these skills is how they level the playing field for ALL students! SOAR is just as popular with at-risk programs as it is with top-ranked private schools, preparing their students for college.

Struggling or “at risk” students benefit from learning how to learn and access their potential. Students who excel in school learn how to use their “learning” time more efficiently and dramatically reduce their stress.

Q: How many pages are in the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills workbook?

160 pages, including instructions.

Q: Can I preview the curriculum? Is a trial available?

Yes! Simply go to our "What is SOAR? page" and fill in your information on the right side of the screen; you will receive access to a digital review copy, preview of the Multimedia Presentation Tool, and preview of the SOAR® app.

Q: Is the SOAR® Curriculum research-based? How can I be assured that SOAR® is effective?

Our program is based on extensive research. Learn more details about how SOAR is research-based.

SOAR® is proven to raise the average GPAs of students by 1 full point! See a video of an administrator using SOAR®, as she shares her results.

The SOAR® curriculum is used in thousands of schools. See a map of USA schools using SOAR®.

Our clients are very happy and eager to share testimonials and case studies! Access audio interviews and transcripts of several SOAR case-studies.

Q: Do students need both the workbook and app? Is there a difference between them?

Both the workbook and software cover the same strategies; the chapters in the book align with the same lesson #s in the software. 

Many schools purchase both workbooks and software licenses. In most cases, they use the software to introduce the content and facilitate group discussions. Then use the book for follow-up reading and reference, to reinforce learning of the content.

Q: Do students need both the workbook and app? Is there a difference between them?

If budget constraints only allow one option for students, we typically recommend the software; its multimedia and interactive features are more dynamic for the students. Its ability to collect pre/post data and scores from the multiple-choice quizzes is more helpful to teachers. .As a bonus, software licenses are less expensive, too!

Q: What supplies are recommended for optimal implementation of the curriculum?

Three strategies in SOAR benefit from the following, optional, supplies:

    1. A paper-based planner, but we provide a reproducible weekly planner sheet, as an alternative.
    2. Our most popular strategy is the SOAR Binder; it requires a handful of inexpensive school supplies and replaces all other folders and notebooks. Per student, supplies needed include: 1 3-ring binder (1-1.5”) with interior pockets, 1 plastic “binder pocket” per class in the students’ schedule, and a stack of loose leaf notebook paper.
    3. To make a 3-D Writing Organizer, each student needs: 1 file folder, 4 envelopes, and 20 index cards (on average). A digital alternative is available, but we highly recommend using the 3-D organizer 2-3 times before switching to the digital template.

Click the link to see a full list of Recommended Supplies, examples, and links to products on Amazon.

Q: Do you offer anything for SAT or ACT test preparation?

We focus on teaching students how to learn and retain information. Our curriculum is excellent for boosting standardized test scores that measure content competency (such as federal and state-mandated tests) and problem-solving skills.  However, we do not focus specifically on ACT or SAT preparation.

Teacher FAQs

Q: What is covered in the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum?

SOAR® was designed to address the study skills, soft skills, and organizational needs of upper elementary, middle shool, high school, and even college students. Click the link to see a list of all topics and lessons.

Q: Is SOAR aligned to standards?

Yes, SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills (3rd Edition of SOAR® Study Skills) covers all standards, as itemized below:

If you need a correlation to something not listed above, please contact us to request the correlation. 

Q: How much time is required to cover the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum?

Every school has different needs and schedules, so this program was designed for maximum flexibility! We provide a comprehensive Pacing Guide that provides detailed options for several different schedules, including:

Table of Schedules in the SOAR Pacing Guide

Q: Can the software be used with “direct instruction?”

YES! The SOAR software app is uniquely designed to work in two different settings, for self-directed learning OR to facilitate group activities and in-class learning. The topic of each lesson is introduced via a series of 4-6 “Interactions,” which are engaging and open-ended questions and activities designed to trigger engagement. These activities can be done by a student working solo, but they also serve as the basis of engaging discussions across peers!

Q: Can I use the SOAR® system in one class or does it have to be school-wide?

The choice is yours. SOAR® is a system developed to apply across content areas, so it works well as the basis for a school-wide system. However, the curriculum works very well to guide instruction for a specific “learning/study skills” class. See our Implementation Guide.

Q: How much time does it take to get started?

Typically, the greatest bottleneck in getting started is simply finding and coordinating the login information. As with any new program, there is a learning curve, but minimal prep is needed as teachers are invited to learn along with their students. They will find that the strategies cater to common sense and are clearly explained.

We do recommend that you peruse our 8-Step Getting Started Guide for a heads-up on expectations and basic logistics. But this comprehensive guide will quickly get you going with confidence.

Q: Is training required?

We recommend a virtual training session for schools/districts implementing the program with three or more teachers. Training prompts coordination across the team, ensuring everyone starts with similar information and expectations. For more information, see our Training Options.

However, when only 1-2 teachers will be using the curriculum, training is optional. Typically, teachers find the curriculum to be clearly organized. Also, as noted earlier, our 8-Step Getting Started Guide provides everything teachers need for a smooth launch. Finally, inside the Teacher Portal, we provide a handful of short training videos; teachers have told us they are “very helpful and well done.”

Q: What other schools are using this program?

SOAR® is in over 4,000 schools across the country and 35 countries, worldwide!
See a map of schools using SOAR across the USA.

Q: How do you handle student data privacy?

We take student data privacy very seriously.  To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.

Q: What does the curriculum cost?

Learn more about our curriculum pricing.

Q: Can I submit a purchase order?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from schools, only. You may fax or email your P.O. to us; see our contact us page for up-to-date contact information.

Q: Is customer service and support available?

Yes, we are dedicated to making your onboarding process as smooth and hassle-free as possible! Of course, when layers of paperwork and technology are involved, some snags may occur, but our team is trained to respond to issues swiftly and empowered to do what is necessary to resolve problems promptly. Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Q: How can I be assured that SOAR® is effective?

SOAR® is proven to raise the average GPAs of students by 1 full point! See a video of an administrator using SOAR®, as she shares her results.

SOAR® is based on common sense…and a lot of research on best-practices in brain-based learning! See our research-basis.

The SOAR® curriculum is used in thousands of schools. See a map of USA schools using SOAR®.

Our clients are very happy and eager to share testimonials and case studies! Access audio interviews and transcripts of several SOAR case-studies.

Parent and Student FAQs

Q: What do you offer to help my child?

We recommend our software app for families; the content is delivered in a dynamic and interactive manner and supports independent learning.

Q: I have heard of the SOAR® Binder System. What is it?

The SOAR® Binder System is a simple -and affordable- system for keeping school-work organized. A student can keep all of their: notes, homework, and handouts -for ALL classes- in ONE binder! Click to view more details about the SOAR® Binder supplies.

Q: My child has ADD/ADHD. How can this program help us?

Yes! But see for yourself; take a look at our ADHD Circuit video to get a clear understanding of ADHD and how SOAR® can help your child or teen.

Q: Do you have any locations near me?

We do not offer tutoring; our software delivers all instruction and provides interactive assessments to monitor understanding for a fraction of the cost of onsite tutoring centers. We avoid the overhead and pass the savings on to you, and we guarantee our results.

NEW — 3rd Edition FAQs

In our ongoing quest to provide superior resources, solutions, and service to our clients, we are proud to announce the arrival of our 3rd edition in Fall, 2024!

Q: How is the 3rd Edition (Fall, 2024) different from the 2nd edition (2014)?

The 3rd edition is a refreshed and modernized take on timeless skills! Invigorated with beautiful graphics and added features, it integrates seamlessly between software and workbook. 

New features include a consistent set of sections for each lesson:

    • INVESTIGATIONS: All lessons are introduced through interactive activities. The activities are designed to be done with a group of peers (optimal) or solo (for students working independently and/or remotely).
    • THE EXAMINATION: This is where the content introduced in the previous section is explained in full detail.
    • MAKING THE INVISIBLE, VISIBLE: At the end of every lesson, we draw students’ attention to what was previously invisible... and how the strategies and tools in the current lesson now make those problems -and their solutions- VISIBLE!
    • THE BRAIN ON… Following an introductory chapter on how learning works in the brain, this section further illustrates how each lesson’s topic works in the brain.
    • SOAR NOTES (optional download, included with student software licenses): This editable/printable PDF is a companion for the online activities and to support note-taking. It adds a “paper and pencil” dynamic to the digital experience.

All skills covered in the previous edition remain, but a few new skills have been added, including:

    • Exploring how learning works in the brain. Students are endlessly fascinated to learn how their brain is designed to learn.
    • Time-management in a digital world, including, “The Six Time-Management Blockers Hiding in Plain Sight,” and how to overcome them.
    • How to painlessly learn (NOT memorize) technical terms
    • Expanded writing instruction, including:
      • “The Eight Writing Blockers Hiding in Plain Sight” …and how to overcome them.
      • SOAR’s Writing Roadmap: One 4-page map that guides students through the writing process; one set of skills to write ANY essay or report. 
      • SOAR’s Revising & Editing Decoder (R.E.D.), a one-page tool to learn all grammar and punctuation rules in the context of students’ writing. (A tool that stands alone, but is also an integrated part of the 4-page Writing Roadmap.)

Curriculum Licensing & Renewals FAQs

Q: What do the curriculum licenses include?

A curriculum license includes:

    • Access to the Teacher’s Portal, including:
      • Our popular, “done-for-you” Multi-Media Presentation Tool
      • Additional Activities and multimedia resources to support/extend learning
      • All lessons from the student software
      • Seven different assessments, designed to assess both knowledge and application of the content.
      • Data dashboard to collect pre/post data and scores from multiple-choice quizzes.
    • For students: workbooks, software licenses, or both.
    • Additional resources and services are available; see more details about the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum in the SOAR Store.

Q: How long is my curriculum license valid?

A curriculum license is valid until June 30th of the following year (for example, licenses purchased on February 1, 2029, would be good through June 30, 2030).

Student workbooks are consumable, but can be used as a “classroom set.” All renewal packages will include additional student materials.

Q: How many students and teachers can use the license?

For purchases serving less than 100 students, student licenses can be purchased in quantities of 5 and include one teacher license (additional teacher licenses are available for purchase). To explore more, see our Curriculum Calculator.

For purchases serving 100+ students, the per student rate drops dramatically. Request a quote here.

Q: How do renewals work? What do I get when I renew?

A renewal will grant you continued access to the Teacher’s Portal, new student app licenses, and will also provide you with brand new student books if applicable (and student supplies for the SOAR® Ultimate package). You will receive a renewal reminder, with instructions, via email.

Q: What do renewals cost?

Renewals prices are subject to current curriculum rates. To learn more, see our Curriculum Calculator.

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