The ‘How To’ Guide To Improving Education: From Anchor Standards To Grit To ADHD and Everything In Between

how to improve education

Simple solutions work best in engineering and education.

In the world of engineering, the best solution to a problem is the “simplest.” Why? Because the more complex a solution is, the more ways it can fail.

The same is true in education.

Time and time again, new (and often complicated) initiatives are introduced in education. But they fail because they are too complex for teachers and/or students to understand. Or they are too complex to implement, causing people to give up on them.

So, we’ve put together this “How To” guide covering the most talked-about challenges and topics in education and provided you with simple, proven-to-be-effective solution.

The path to your solution begins here…

Could your students use a simple solution to:

  • Get higher scores on standardized tests?
  • Get organized?
  • Read more effectively for information?
  • Earn better grades?
  • Manage time and meet deadlines?
  • Communicate with others on a team?
  • Write organized research papers?

SOAR® Soft Skills and SOAR® Study Skills provide simple, yet effective solutions to all of these challenges and more! We believe that every learning strategy taught to students must be proven to be effective, easy to learn and implement, and be an efficient time-saver. Our slogan is “Better Grade In Less Time,” and we stand by it!

Our curriculum has proven to raise GPA’s by 1 Full Point! That’s also why we guarantee you’ll see at least a 0.5 point increase in GPA on average.

Click here to learn more about this done-for-you, easy-to-implement solution that will improve your students’ performance, and give them life-long learning skills.


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