Study Tips from Eight International Competitors

First, I must express my sincere regard for the people of Boston, especially all who have been directly impacted by last week’s events. My heart and prayers have been with all of those who were injured and the four souls who were lost.

With that said, the footage from the people of Boston on Friday night was amazing! Throngs of people took to the street in celebration of justice and in honor of law enforcement agents, and then spontaneously broke out into song with our national anthem. It was a powerful sign of what does prevail, in the end! Congratulations to the people of Boston for holding their heads high.

On the SOAR® home-front, I am excited to announce the arrival of Baby Avery! Ginelle, our beloved Operations Manager, was caught by surprise when Baby Avery decided to arrive a month early. We were all caught slightly by surprise, too! (So, please be patient with us as our excellent staff graciously steps in to cover for her.) Baby Avery is expected to come home very soon, but he’s still hanging out in NICU to ensure that his breathing is stable. We are keeping him in our prayers and wishing Ginelle the best as she takes time off to be with him.

study tips

Within my own home-front, my husband, Brian, is heading out to chaperone international competitions for our local DECA chapter. If you are not aware, DECA is a student marketing association with 185,000 members in eight different countries. Brian and his cohort, Julia Dalrymple, have coached students all year and have five students heading to Anaheim, CA. Unfortunately, I am not able to tag along this time, but I did have that honor a couple of years ago.

At that time, I interviewed our international competitors to get their top tips for managing homework and school. Today, I’m highlighting what they had to share. You can find their insightful – and practical – advice here.

If you and/or some of your students are heading to DECA this week, good luck and safe travels!

Have a great week,


P.S. Don’t forget to submit your application for the SOAR® Teacher of the Year Contest. Details are available here.


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