The ADHD Circuit® (Article 10): When ADHD Children Have ADHD Parents

This week, I thought I would share an inspiring article from ADDitude Magazine.  I am a big fan of ADDitude and was very touched by an article about a mother and daughter who overcame substance abuse and threats of suicide through a double ADHD diagnosis.  They learned about ADHD together, and grew significantly from their experiences.

I am sharing this particular article for a few reasons:

1. ADHD is very hereditary; most families with an ADHD child will have an ADHD parent.  It is extremely common for parents to discover ADHD in themselves, along with their children.  There are many good things that can come from these discoveries; this story is a great example!

2. Like the mother and daughter in this article, learning about my own ADHD helped me see that I do all of the same irritating things that my son does.  It was a humbling discovery, but a helpful one!

3. This story illustrates a very, very important point about the correlation between undiagnosed/untreated ADHD and substance abuse.  As Danielle, the teenage daughter, explained, “Knowing that there wasn’t something wrong with me also helped me stop using drugs and alcohol…”  Her experience is far from unique!

I would like to explore the topic of ADHD and substance abuse more in the future.  Meanwhile, enjoy reading about Danielle and Kimberly. I hope you will find inspiration in their story.

-Susan Kruger

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