The Brain Circuit: How the Brain Works

The Brain Circuit Video Transcription

The brain has dozens of different sections. Each section does something different to help us move and process thoughts.

Think of the brain like your digestive system…

Your digestive system is made of many distinct organs. Each organ does something different. But, these organs work together to digest your food.

The same is true of your brain… each section does something different, but they all work together to power your thoughts and movements.

These sections communicate with each other through brain wires called neurons.

Neuron wires create pathways in your brain for every thought and movement you make.

The brain is always changing and grows new neuron wires every day of your life.

While there are billions of neuron wires in your brain, any one of those neuron wires works like this familiar circuit…

Neurons are like the wires on this string of party lights.

Power flows through brain wires to different sections of the brain, just like power flows through the wires to light up each bulb.

This power comes from several chemicals in your brain.

To work properly, the brain needs power to connect neuron wires across all sections.

This is the Brain Circuit.

We will be featuring the more brain biology videos in the weeks to come. To watch the whole series now, click here.

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