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The ADHD Circuit® eBook


Provides a simple, easy-to-understand model for understanding the biology of ADHD. When you understand the biology of ADHD, you can remove the mystery and navigate challenges with ease!


My son and I both have ADHD. When he asked me a question about ADHD –-at the age of seven— I used a simple strand of lights to explain the answer. It turns out, this model explains everything about ADHD. All of the mysterious and mystical symptoms have a biological explanation for why they occur… and the answers lie in this simple circuit.

What the Experts Don’t Understand

ADHD-specialists are trained in managing the symptoms of ADHD, but very few truly understand the mechanics of ADHD. This discrepancy leaves a lot of room for guessing.

However, if you understand how ADHD works on a biological level, you can easily navigate the challenges. This book includes information about ADHD that no one has ever talked about.

But, it’s not rocket science.

In fact, it is OVER-simplified…just the way I like it.

Simplicity Is Biologically Essential!

As a study skills expert and former “struggling student,” I have spent the last 20 years in constant search for the most simple and efficient ways to learn and organize.

SIMPLICITY is what changed my experience as a student; I went from struggling in K-12, to easily earning a 4.0 in college! It turns out that there is a biological reason why simplicity is essential for people with ADHD. (Of course, people without ADHD certainly appreciate “simple,” too!)

Once You Understand the ADHD Circuit®, There Is No Reason to Struggle!

In the ADHD Circuit®, I explain the biological basis for ADHD and other scientific information. But you don’t want to read a dry, boring textbook. So I’ve wrapped all of this information in the story that led me on the journey through all of these interesting, yet simple revelations.

My hope is that you will want to share these stories and information with your spouse, your child, your child’s teacher, your friends, and anyone you know who is struggling with ADHD.



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