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Identify and fix any reading challenge… quicklyThis book is written specifically for parents, but is also an excellent resource for teachers.


I suffered through school with my own disabilities. Yet nothing was harder than my 3-year, emotional roller-coaster trying to get help for my son’s reading challenges. I’m a certified reading specialist with a “best-selling” education book, SOAR® Study Skills.

But, when my son struggled with reading, I found it impossible to get help! In our three year struggle, I would often share my exasperation with anyone who would listen, “I’m using every ounce of my professional energy to get help for my son. What do parents do who don’t have my background?”

I knew, without a doubt, that our struggles were a “calling” for me to help other parents. So, this book is my answer to that calling; it was written specifically to help parents help their children.

No parent should have to experience such confusion.

No child should have to feel like a failure simply because schools don’t know how to teach reading effectively.

Schools Are Tremendously Ignorant About What to Do!

I know because I was a “certified teacher” who didn’t have a clue how to teach reading. So, I dug deep into reading instruction to crack the code on reading, just as I had done for “study skills.”

Solving The “Cues” to Reading

Sure enough, there are three basic “cues” to learning how to read. These cues are simple to understand, simple to diagnose, and simple to teach.

You Don’t Have to Be “Certified” to Fix the Problem

As I said, when I first became a teacher, I had a state-certificate verifying I was qualified to teach reading in my K-5 classroom. But, I was totally lost.

“I hate teaching reading!” I lamented to my husband one day.

His reply changed the course of our life… “Maybe you hate teaching reading because you don’t know how to teach reading.” Dang! He was right.

The next day, I marched into my university and changed my graduate major to “Reading & Learning Specialist.” This was three years before our son was born, ten years before we would discover our son would need every ounce of my professional training and Mama-Bear-Might to get help.

In those ten years in between, I consulted with the leading curriculum program in reading instruction. I travelled the country with the leading experts in reading instruction, learning –and training- alongside of them.

The Answer Is Simple: Hiding in Plain Sight

Thousands of hours of training and experience have confirmed… the process of reading boils down to three simple cueing systems. When you understand the cueing systems, you can teach reading effectively.

In Cue to Reading, I share the best practices of science-based strategies for conquering reading disabilities. But, I share them in the context of specific examples with my son and other students to best illustrate them and make them more personal.

Cue to Reading is made up of short, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point chapters. Each chapter includes visual aids, essential strategies, and bonus materials downloadable from our website.

This e-book was written specifically for parents but is also excellent for teachers; it will help you identify and fix any reading challenge… quickly!

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