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The amount of time it will take you to listen to this audio program will be regained this week, alone! How much time and energy would you save if you could eliminate homework battles? Homework Help is centered on ultra-simple and efficient ways busy families can tame homework battles.


for parents of children in K-5

You’re Exasperated by Homework!

  • Daily arguments and fights.
  • Lost assignments.
  • Chaotic evenings.
  • Poor test grades.
  • Lack of motivation…  

What If You Could Transform the Chaos… with Simplicity?

In 1981, 9-11 yr-olds spent an average of 25 minutes per night on homework.

In 1997, the time increased to 41 minutes per night.

Today, the amount of time spent on homework has grown to well over one hour of homework per night.

This means homework demands have more than doubled in the last thirty years. Along with it are the problems with organization, homework anxiety, and stressful evenings.

And, let’s face it… you’re exhausted after working all day, too! But, a few simple insights and strategies can transform your evenings.

“Yeah, But You Don’t Know My Kid!”

I probably was your kid! The reason I developed SOAR® and created Homework Help for Parents is that I used to fight with my mom over homework… every night!

I hated school! I struggled. I felt stupid. Homework created all kinds of anxiety for me. I would yell at my poor my mom, claiming she didn’t know anything and endlessly cry through homework sessions.

Just thinking about it now induces so much angst…

This process is just as miserable for you as it is for your child. If we aren’t careful, homework can destroy family relationships!

Today, I’m a parent of two children. We’ve had some serious homework struggles, too. But, when the stress hit the fan, I thought, “What would I tell a parent in this same situation?”

On more than one occasion, that question prompted me to consult this very program. I’m proud –and relieved– to say that my *neutral* and professional self (captured in this program) solved all of the problems that my stressed-out, guilt-ridden, and worried mom-self needed to have solved.

“I recently ordered your ‘Homework Help for Parents.’ I’m half-way through and I am a convert! I am also delighted to learn that I am not alone in this battle.”

– Denise J., Middle School Parent

How Does It Work?

First, it’s important to understand why homework causes so much chaos… it’s a lever of control for your child. You place a high value on homework, but your child is in control of it. Like two opposing sides of a magnet, you and your child repel against each other, causing all kinds of friction. Homework Help shows you how turn one end of the magnet around and transform the opposition into effortless synergy.

Secondly, we’ll examine motivation. If you’re missing the most vital element of motivation, you’ll always be at odds over homework. Fortunately, it’s very easy to tap your child’s greatest points of motivation. Best of all… it’s what makes parenting fun!

Next, you need simple strategies that work. We’ve got plenty of those! Homework Help covers:

A 5-minute weekly routine to prevent “Last Minute Syndrome!” Parents frequently share that this routine dramatically improves their relationship with their children in all parts of their life, not just school.

Paper organization simplified! Our SOAR® Folder System, Binder System, and “Chip-Clip” System make organization simple and engaging. Your child will be empowered to stay organized so you’re not doing all of the work!

Tips and tricks to learn faster. While helping with homework, you can model some great ways to maximize the brain’s natural efficiency. Your child can learn faster, read faster, and have much greater confidence!

Plus, proven ways to boost motivation. As mentioned above, we’ll dig into the real sources of motivation and how you can easily improve your child’s motivation in school.

“He never planned ahead and it drove me crazy! But, you were right…he did not know how to plan ahead. Your tips for teaching him, or should I say “showing” him, how to plan ahead have helped tremendously. I’m not mad at him all of the time anymore…it is a big relief!”

– Denny M., High School Parent

The amount of time it will take you to listen to this audio program will be regained this week, alone! How much time and energy would you save if you could eliminate homework battles? Homework Help is centered on ultra-simple and efficient ways busy families can tame homework battles.

“You have been a Godsend to our family…You have no idea! My son has not lost one assignment or forgotten anything at school since I set him up with your Binder System. You really demonstrated how to simplify the organizational process and I am so grateful to have found something that finally works!”

– Paul K., Middle School Parent

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Satisfaction guaranteed! 100% money-back if you’re not happy.

for parents of children in K-5

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