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World-Renowned ADHD Expert, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Endorses Study Skills System for Students with ADHD

Students gain impressive results with SOAR®‘s ADHD School Success Kit from study skills leader

For students with ADHD, simply following a teacher’s command such as “put your papers in your folder” can feel like a monumental task. The basic expectation in today’s traditional education system is a real roadblock for students whose brains struggle to carry out common commands from start to finish. Yet according to world-renowned ADHD expert, Dr. Ned Hallowell, there is a way to take control of the chaos that ADHD presents. And, not just manage this chaos, but excel at defeating its counterproductive tendencies.

The solution lies in the SOAR program developed by Susan Kruger, M.Ed. Kruger is the founder of SOAR® Learning, Inc., a leading resource for study skills and study skill curriculum for ADHD students. An established ADHD expert, Kruger has been praised by Ned Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D, for her talent and the program’s effectiveness.

“Susan Kruger is an absolute genius,” Hallowell says. “She’s made getting organized simple, which is the only way kids will stick with it, and she’s made it fun, which is a minor miracle. She’s tremendously innovative, creative and wise. I can’t wait for the world to discover this amazing woman and all she has to offer!”

Explained in detail at, the ADHD School Success Kit, currently deployed in 1300 schools nationwide, includes all the supplies and strategies a student needs for achieving success in school and even peace at home. Specifically, it helps:

  • Stop homework fights and anxieties;
  • Cut homework time in half;
  • Improve grades in less time; and
  • Build motivation and self-confidence.

The kit helps students realize these achievements by tackling common ADHD hurdles, from organizing work to using textbooks, note taking, studying, testing and more. As outlined in a number of parent and teacher reviews, ADHD students excel with SOAR® in a way that’s not just boosting grades but self-esteem, too. The result is happier, more driven students who earn better grades and, importantly, retain what they learn.

At SOAR®‘s core is Kruger — someone who understands what ADHD students experience when challenged and rewarded. Her life work isn’t simply a career but a passion that developed after experiencing dramatic, personal results with the strategies she created. That’s become a key ingredient in SOAR®‘s recipe for success.

“I went from a struggling high school student to an honors college grad,” Kruger says. “SOAR® offers hope, but much more than that — it delivers real results for ADHD students everywhere. The system works because it explains the simple biology of an ADHD brain, then shows you how to work around those biological challenges. It’s aligned to the circuits of an ADHD brain.”

Kruger will be attending the 24th Annual International Conference on ADHD sponsored by CHADD, the nation’s leading non-profit organization serving individuals with ADHD and their families. Meet her at the conference, Nov. 8-10 in San Francisco.

About SOAR®

SOAR® is the brainchild of Susan Kruger, who has transformed her life’s experiences and successes with ADHD into an opportunity to help others with ADHD. A certified teacher with a Master’s Degree as a Reading/Learning Specialist, Kruger is now a coach, speaker and the creator of many ADHD programs and resources, including SOAR® Study Skills, the bestselling study skills book in the world. Most recently, she has been endorsed by the world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell, and she is also a regularly featured education expert with ADDitude Magazine.


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