Is Your Focus on Tutoring?

Quit Your Day Job

Everyone wants a piece of you. You, Subject Matter Expert, you!  You, Experienced Educator, you! You have a fan base spanning into the hundreds. You’re widely sought after. In demand. You set the price.

You, my friend, are a ROCKSTAR! 

study skills for tutors

Everyone wants a piece of you!

(clap, clap)  

Wake up from your dream. You’ll get there soon!

You have some work to get started. That’s what brought you here, right? You’ve been digging around the internet for information on starting your own tutoring business. You’ve been looking for ways to make your existing methods and practices more effective and gratifying.

You have a love and passion for students and you want to see them succeed! You also have some expertise which you’d like to market.

There’s no question that tutoring is right for you! 

But You’re Wondering, “Where Do I Start?!”

  • “How do I get my first client?”
  • “How do I get more clients?”
  • “How much should I charge?”
  • “How do I effectively help students?”
  • “What do I tutor?”
  • “How do I know what to cover?”
  • “How do I communicate plans and progress with parents?”

Let’s begin with the most important part – how to start and grow your business.

Build Your “Rockstar” Status

If you’re a subject-matter expert, it’s easy to address specific problems in a subject area – such as geometry or chemistry. But what about the students who struggle in multiple subjects? Who are disorganized? Suffer from test anxiety? Who hate school, in general?

Most parents don’t know where to turn. They are searching for answers.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could turn to you, you Rockstar Tutor!

Tutoring Is BIG Business!

According to, there are an estimated 74 million K-12 students in 2015. And, the global private tutoring market is projected to surpass $102.8 billion by 2018, according to a market-research study published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA). Tutoring is an industry that is highly in demand and growing!

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you can equip yourself with a fundamental set of skills. You will attract clients, and transform your students’ lives! These skills will be your sought-after secret and your students’ VIP backstage pass towards educational achievement!

More enticing, these skills provide almost immediate success. Because they are SO fundamental, they are easy to teach and applicable to every one of your students! Whether they are struggling in just one subject area, or many.

Shout-Out For 80/20!

Have you heard of the 80/20 Principle? 80/20 is simple, universal rule that governs our lives. This philosophy states that roughly 20% of our actions produce 80% of our results, or 80% of effects comes from 20% of causes.

For decades educators and psychologists noticed a common 80/20 pattern in traditional classrooms:

  • 80% of students pass classes with “normal instruction.”
  • Of the remaining 20% who do not pass, 80% will pass with additional assistance. Which means 20% will still struggle.
  • Of those remaining 20% that continued to struggle, 80% will finally understand the information with alternative instruction.
  • But, 20% will still struggle…. and the pattern continues.

 Study Skills are the 80/20 in education, the 20% that has 80% of the impact.  You can deliver the solution that so many parents are desperately seeking.

Tough Times Call For Tough Measures

Parents have tried everything and they need you now. You’re a Rockstar! Their children just aren’t getting it. Parents are frustrated and desperate to improve their students’ grades. Now, they’ve come to you for help. And they need you to lead them to success.

Don’t be intimated by the big-box tutoring establishments. You can accomplish more in less time, and be more valuable to the students and families you serve.

Most tutors and tutoring curriculum only put Band-Aids® on issues, targeting symptoms of one problem, in one subject-area.

Study skills cover the big picture… and represent a major gap in the tutoring industry.

Get In The Spotlight!

What if you were in such demand that you have groupies camping out, waiting for you?  Okay, that’s probably not going to happen. But there is a different way that you could reach your groupies – er, students – and teach them a better way.  This unique approach would ensure their success and drive your business.

This new way is a proven and reliable system that will allow you to guarantee results.  This different, better system will increase your effectiveness. It will reach the students and make them more confident. And the parents will be happy to pay you because your way is making everything golden.

“I was getting C’s and D’s. Now I am getting A’s and B’s! I learned how to be organized and how to study…it has made such a difference!”

-Katie H., 11th Grade Student

A Tutoring Curriculum Done For You!

SOAR® Study Skills Tutoring Curriculum is your secret solution that will give you that number #1 hit, that platinum status.  They provide an advantage over your competition; study skills are almost totally ignores in schools.  The big box tutoring franchises claim they offer study skills, but their skills are “bulky,” very time-consuming and confusing for students.

How SOAR® Stays “Student-Friendly”

All SOAR® strategies must meet our strict, “student-friendly” criteria. All strategies must:

  1. Be effective… obviously!  All of our strategies are aligned to the natural workings of the human brain.
  2. Be efficient! Students won’t bother with strategies that take a long time to implement; that works against the brain.  Since our strategies are aligned to the natural circuitry of the brain, our strategies are as humanly simple as possible… literally!
  3. Apply across content-areas.  If you go to the Big Box tutoring franchises or research study skills on the internet, you’ll find millions of tips and strategies. But, the vast majority are specific to one type of assignment or learning situation. Students can’t possibly determine when to use these strategies. When strategies are so specific, the only way students can discern the best one to use is if they understand the content very well.  But if they understood the content that well, they wouldn’t need the learning strategy.  So… that’s a problem!  We solve this problem by presenting only basic learning and organizing strategies that apply across content areas.

SOAR® also sticks to the most fundamental skill areas that determine success.  Topics covered include how to:

  • Get organized. How to organize school papers, backpacks, lockers, and even a helpful chapter for easily organizing the bedroom.
  • Manage time.
  • Set goals.
  • Determine priorities and plan accordingly.
  • “Think forward.”
  • Work with teachers.
  • Read a textbook… in half the time with double the comprehension.
  • Write papers quickly and with ease.
  • Take notes effectively.
  • Study for tests, without any anxiety.
  • Take tests with confidence.

“Everything is practical and easy to do. Great tips! My son set up a SOAR® Binder and it is working for him!”

-Janet C., Elementary and Middle School Parent

“Kurt is more focused about his time management. The jar of priorities made a big impact on how he uses him time on a daily basis.”

-Lachele M., Middle School Parent

What’s Included in the SOAR® Tutoring Enrichment Guide?

As a tutor using our program, you will get:

  • Access to our web-based Tutoring Enrichment Guide.  This cornerstone tool is a done-for-you slide presentation that guides you through the content.  This turn-key web-based guide is for tutoring or after-school programs. The Tutoring Enrichment Guide includes a six-session presentation, but the pacing can easily be modified to meet students needs. The six, one hour lessons are ready for you to jump in and begin teaching.  Little preparation is required on your part; it’s already done for you! Includes:
    • Over 100 slides for student instruction and instructor reference. The slides provide visual demonstrations and interactive activities to support the content in the book.
    • Teaching tips and instructor notes.
    • Pacing guidelines.
    • Complimentary parent resources.
  • Commission on workbooks sold to parents. It’s common practice to charge parents a “materials fee” for the materials needed.  As a tutor, you can become a registered affiliate with SOAR® and earn commissions on the books you buy for your students.  Or, you can direct parents to a special “affiliate link” on your website and have them purchase books directly from us.  Either way, you’ll get a quarterly commission.
  • Purchasing Guide for Recommended Supplies. The SOAR® program prides itself on its simplicity, but there are a few supplies we recommend for the most effective implementation. The Purchasing Guide provides a complete description of supplies, recommended on-line vendors, and suggestions to consider when shopping at your local office supply store.
  • A “Pre & Post” Assessment.  Parents love to see documented progress!  The pre-inventory allows:
    • Students to identify their target areas of focus. This is KEY to help them understand the relevance of the program and become engaged with strategies that can make a big difference for them!
    • Parents to see what your target areas of concern will be.
    • You to identify the “hot buttons” for students and focus your attention on what matters most to them.The post-assessment allows:
    • Students to reflect on everything they have learned and become aware of their progress.
    • Parents to see documented proof of the skills their child(ren) have learned.
    • You to begin building “personal stats” on your effectiveness as a Study Skills Tutor.
  • A FREE BONUS REPORT…How to Advertise Your Tutoring Services. This special report will show you how to:
    • Establish yourself as an expert tutor.
    • Develop a niche.
    • Develop a tutoring system.
    • Communicate your value to parents.
    • “Advertise” and spread the word.
    • Develop a referral system.
    • Provide valuable feedback to parents to document your progress.

Your competitors will wonder what your secret is.  Parents will be thrilled.  Students will be confident, earning better grades. And, your business will grow with SOAR®!

You will be a ROCKSTAR!

Thank you so very much!!!!! I LOVE this program.

-Kim S., Tutor

I have investigated many programs and yours is the best!

-Stephan D., Tutor

Here’s a preview of the Tutoring Enrichment Guide:

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