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“Study skills” are a specific group of skills that help students learn and manage school more efficiently. For most students, this will be the first time they have ever discovered that STRATEGY can apply to learning. They are used to using strategies in sports and video games…even to “manipulate” their parents and teachers when they want their way. But they typically do not see how strategies can apply to learning.

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Get plugged into learning with the Learning Circuit™.

Perhaps they assume that, if there were strategies that worked, they would have already learned them in school. However, the constant stress on “content standards” put educators in a bind, placing too much stress on content. “Strategic learning” is not a subject on a standardized test. Proficiency in strategic learning does not impact funding…at least not at first glance.

However, helping students learn how to learn efficiently will plug many learning gaps that, in turn, will boost their performance in school and on standardized tests. This is, of course, a significant concern for educators, especially administrators. But, for the pure teacher in you -the person who became a teacher to guide students on their path to a happy and independent life- you will be happy to know that study skills will serve your students for life!

As new “content” and technologies evolve in the workplace, your students will be armed with the strategies to deal with changes… and excel with challenges! In the process of learning how to learn, students will discover that they can actually learn anything.

You are about to give your students an extraordinarily empowering gift!

Study skills changed my life! I had been a struggling student every step of the way, from K-12. I did not have any confidence. Quite frankly, I thought I was “stupid” because school seemed to be so much easier for everyone around me. As I entered college, however, that all changed. I learned a few study skills. Immediately, my grades skyrocketed to a 3.9 GPA that first semester. I maintained that GPA all through college…and it was much easier than earning mediocre grades in high school.

That experience transformed my belief about what I can do. It transformed my goals. It transformed my life! This is why I have dedicated myself to teaching these core, fundamental skills to students. I hope you believe in them the way I do because your students will respond accordingly. Get ready for a great journey!


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