Educators: “Without YOU, There Is NO Show!”

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to deliver the following message of inspiration to 5000 educators at ASCD’s Empower 17 Conference. We sponsored a special showing of Disney’s World of Color as a “thank you” to educators…

Good evening!

As you settle in to enjoy the show, I encourage you to think back to when you first knew you wanted to become an educator…

What hopes did you have for your future? For the impact you could have on the future of others?

World of Color is about that possibility!

Each of our students has at their disposal an infinite number of pixels to express their unique gifts and craft their unique stories.

World of Color is a celebration of diversity. Diversity that goes much deeper than the pixels we see with our eyes… to the potential and untold stories within each of our students’ hearts.

Their stories have diverse backgrounds, colors, themes, and genres, but they are all united by one common string that WE are responsible for threading… HOPE!

Below the water’s surface is all the engineering and mechanics that make the dazzling show you will see tonight.

YOU are the imagineers that are engineering, crafting, and setting the scene for your students.

Most of your efforts remain below the surface, out of sight to the rest of the world.

But, without YOU… there is NO show.

We at simply provide tools to help you motivate and organize your students for success…

to help you calibrate the mechanisms below the surface for maximum output,

allowing the unique passions and capabilities of ALL learners to burst forth into their own, original story!

The stories our students will create depend on what we orchestrate today.

We’ve all been brought together, in this place and time…

to inspire and encourage each other…

to continue working below the surface…

to unleash our society’s future work of art.

Like Aladdin, our real task is to set our GENIUSES free…

so they can chart their own Magic Carpet Ride.

Thank you for all that you do for your students… for our future.

May the show inspire you to always dream in wonderful color!

Susan Kruger, M.Ed.



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