As an administrator, you are under pressure to improve student performance and teacher morale. This page provides a directory to resources to help you accomplish both objectives.

Improve Student Performance

Raise Standardized Test Scores

Study skills allow students to access content knowledge effectively throughout the school year.  They also support students with effective test-taking skills. Get our special report, Two Proven Ways to Raise Standardized Test Scores.

Raise Average GPAs By 1 Full Point

One school saw GPAs raise an increase of ONE full point across the entire student body and standardized test scores rise by FIVE basis-points, after teaching study skills.  Click to learn more about their story.

Students Are Fighting for Study Skills!

250 middle-school students petitioned their school board for study skills because they want to learn how to learn!  Click to see their story.

Improve Teacher Morale

If one of your teachers spends one minute in a one-hour class discussing lost, missing, or incomplete assignments with six students…10% of class time is lost and everyone suffers! Yet, this is an everyday occurrence.

Teachers tell me they are lucky if they can use 60% of their instructional time for instruction. I’ve spoken with hundreds of dedicated, hard-working teachers who are frustrated that their energies and efforts are squandered on back-tracking and nagging. Their stories all have a similar pattern… Get our special report, How to Leverage Your Teacher’s Time & Abilities.


Q: What About Common Core?

Study skills are the key to simplifying the Common Core because the Common Core Anchor Standards are study skills!  The SOAR® Curriculum covers 100% of the Common Core Anchor Standards!

SOAR Study Skills Covers 100% of Common Core Anchor Standards

SOAR Study Skills Covers 100% of Common Core Anchor Standards

Q: What Is the Cost of NOT Teaching Study Skills?

VIDEO SUMMARY: Study skills are known as “soft skills” in the workplace…and they are desperately needed by employers! The Carnegie Melon Foundation & Stanford Research Institute surveyed 500 CEOs and determined that 75% of workplace success is determined by soft skills (aka “study skills”). Only 25% of workplace success is determined by technical skills. Yet, state and national benchmarks focus completely on technical skills.

When we teach students study skills, we give them access to the soft skills that allow them to: access information efficiently, keep it organized, and communicate clearly. These skills naturally improve technical skills for the workplace AND the classroom.

It is 79% LESS expensive to teach study skills than it is to teach core subjects. AND, study skills apply across the curriculum!

Q: Is the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum Research-Based?

Yes. More information can be found by clicking research-basis of SOAR®.

Q: Are Assessments for Progress-Monitoring Included?

YES! The SOAR® Curriculum provides a variety of assessment options that represent different aspects of this unique learning process:

  1. Study Skills Scorecard
  2. Constructed Response
  3. Exit Presentation
  4. Study Skills Assessment Matrix
  5. Grade Tracking
  6. App Only – Interactive Content, Lesson Quizzes & Final Exam

More information can be found by clicking, assessment options.

Q: Who Is Using the SOAR® Curriculum?

Our SOAR® curriculum is used in thousands of schools.

See a US map of SOAR schools.

Q: What Is Covered in the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum?

The SOAR® Soft Skills Curriculum is proven to raise GPAs of an entire school by teaching students how to:

SOAR Curriculum

SOAR Learning and Soft Skills Curriculum Includes Student Workbooks, Student App, and a “Done-for-You” Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide.

  • Manage time
  • Organize papers
  • Complete homework
  • Read textbooks
  • Study for tests
  • Take notes
  • Take tests
  • Communicate with teachers & parents
  • Write research papers
  • Set goals

The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum includes our award-winning SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Book, App, and SOAR® Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide.

Q: Can I Preview the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum?

Yes. You can sign up for a free digital review copy of the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum at the form in the top, right corner of this page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Information?

Our free Study Skills Resource Guide includes in-depth information about what study skills are, why they are important, and all of the resources we provide (both free and paid) to teach them.

To receive a Resource Guide via USPS mail, request it with the “Administrators Review Package,” at the top, right corner of this page.

SOAR Study Skills Resource Guide: "Under Pressure"

SOAR Study Skills Resource Guide: “Under Pressure”

Outside of the USA? View the PDF of the SOAR® Study Skills Resource Guide, click Under Pressure.

Q: Who Do I Contact With Questions?

We are not sales people and do NOT work on commission!  We answer all questions honestly and in the best interest of our clients or potential clients.

Our staff of knowledgeable Curriculum Consultants can answer implementation questions and help create a customize implementation plan. Of course, they are happy to help with any other questions, too.  Just Contact Us!


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