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Study skills allow students to access their superpower. Study skills reduce the friction between students’ potential and their execution.

Very few people are “naturally” good at all of the tasks required to be successful in school. In fact, statistics say that only 5% of people will naturally have what it takes to excel in school.*

Yet, students must get through school.  And, adults must work to make a living.

We should all be working to maximize our superpowers, as I wrote about last week.

But, the truth of the matter is, a certain percentage of our life will always require us to do the mundane, executive tasks of running our life: homework, turn assignments in on time, meet deadlines, pay bills, pay bills on time, complete a proposal, schedule a doctor appointment, show up for that appointment on time, prepare meals, sort mail, learn a new job, study for tests…

These essential chores pave the path between our superpower…and functioning in today’s society.   95% of the population does NOT have the natural inclination to excel at these tasks; 95% of the population works *against* their natural flow of energy.  We must reduce the resistance caused by this friction!

How do we do that?

We rely on systems; systems that are maximized for efficiency. Systems that quickly become habits. Systems that can be executed so naturally, there is almost no resistance.

For students, those systems are “study skills.” Study skills level the playing field. They reduce the friction between students’ potential and their execution.

In other words, study skills allow students to reach their potential by teaching them *how* to learn, organize, and manage their time. These skills melt the resistance that typically exists between a student and school work.  (These are also the same skills that are essential for managing a career and household.)

Better grades in less time is *not* a cheesy tag line. It’s 100% possible through the use of strategic principles.

Give your students the tools to be successful in school and life, while also supporting their superpower with the SOAR® Study Skills Curriculum.  This winning combination is the formula for student motivation and success!

-Susan Kruger

*According to, reporting that only 5% of the population share unique profiles.


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