“I Left My Homework at Home!”

Have you ever arrived at school and discovered that you left your homework at home…or your lunch money, gym shoes, library books, permission slip for next week’s field trip…?

If you think it is annoying forgetting these things, your parents and teachers find it even more frustrating! The good news is that it is fairly easy to become better prepared for school. You just need to develop a few simple routines.

Action Plan

Step 1: Put your homework away as soon as you finish each assignment. Do not wait until the next morning or even later in the evening. When you finish something, put it away –in the correct folder- immediately! This will prevent your papers from being lost in the wrong folder, falling off the table and sliding under the refrigerator, sticking to your younger brother’s book and going to school with him, or simply being forgotten.

Step 2: Get ready for school before you go to bed. Mornings are almost always rushed and hectic, so it becomes very likely that you will forget something important at home. Instead of waiting until morning, develop the habit of collecting everything you need the night before school. Gather all of your books, folders, and notebooks together and pack them into your book bag. You should also set out your clothes, shoes, jacket, and any other things you will need for school the next day.

Step 3: Do a “double-check” every morning. Create a list of everything you need for each day of the week and post it on your door. In addition to the standard things you need every day like your book bag, your list should also remind you about library books that are due on Tuesday, gym shoes that you need for Thursday, etc. You can access a free “Night Before School Tool” here. Ask an adult to help you download and customize the chart at this website. Then, post it on your door and check it every morning before you leave for school.

In Conclusion

It does not take much effort to become better prepared for school. When you are better prepared, your school days will go much more smoothly, your parents and teachers will be much happier, and your grades will likely improve as you turn more assignments in on time!

-Susan Kruger


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