Great Tool for Planning Big Projects

We are heading in to the time of year that students of all ages have reports, presentations, and other big projects to do. So, I am sharing a nifty, on-line tool that is a great for helping students map out a plan for these big projects.

It is a calendar creator that will allow you to print a customizable date range of up to 12 weeks…all on one page. It’s free and available here.

If you scroll down on the homepage just a bit, there is a link to “Customize Your Calendar PDF.” Once you click on that, you can customize the date range and other settings to match the due date for your child or students’ big project.

Why Is This Helpful?

We all know that planning ahead (“Thinking Forward™,” as we say around SOAR®) is not something that most students are naturally able to do. If you have ever thought or said in frustration, “Why can’t you plan ahead??” you know what I am talking about! The truth is, students need explicit guidance in developing the skill of Thinking Forward.

This PDF Calendar allows you to create a visual map of the steps involved in completing a large project. This process reduces the sense of “overwhelm” students often feel when tackling a large project. It also helps them develop a tangible sense of time in relationship to the start date, smaller due dates and/or project along the way, and the final deadline.

Some students will be able to run with this on their own, determining all of the smaller benchmarks they need to hit and mapping everything out themselves. However, I am sending this tool with the intention that most students will need some guidance from a parent or teacher. With that said, please don’t underestimate the value of this simple little exercise; it will pay dividends!

I hope you enjoy it!

-Susan Kruger


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