When A Student Is Not “Working to His Potential”

If you ever hear a teacher say these words about your child:

“He’s just not working to his to potential!”


“She just needs to try harder.”

…something is very wrong!

(Obviously, if you are a teacher and feel inclined to say these words…keep reading.)


I have developed a simple model for understanding the biology of ADHD. I shared this model for the first time on Vicky and Jen’s popular parenting show, “What Really Matters.” When you understand what is *really* going on in an ADHD brain, you can do so much to improve your coping strategies! Then let me share this model for this first time, on their popular parenting show!

I have come to learn that these words are major red flags! No human being ever wants to avoid reaching his or her potential. It is simply NOT human nature to NOT try very hard.

Watch a toddler explore their world and you will see evidence that we are born with a natural desire to learn, explore, and improve. As human beings, we have a natural desire to try just about anything…until we learn the concept of “failure.”

What looks like “not working to potential” and a “lack of effort” is very often the sign of a biological problem in the brain. Most commonly, ADHD and/or a learning disability. (Learning disabilities are very common in people with ADHD…and there is a very solid biological reason for this.)

As a long-time study skills specialist, I’ve worked with hundreds of students who have ADHD. I have close friends and family members with ADHD, so I’ve always been very knowledgeable about this condition, but I didn’t fully understand the biology of it. When I discovered I have ADHD, shortly after my son was diagnosed, I was stunned! All these years I thought study skills fixed my “stupid.” Now I realize that study skills helped me navigate around ADHD.

Vicky and Jen, of the popular parenting program, “What Really Matters,” recently shared their microphone with me as I shared important information about ADHD and the family.

Over the last year, I have developed a model that explains ADHD in a way no one has ever talked about. Yet, this model allows you to finally understand what is happening in an ADHD brain.

The information is accurate, based entirely on neuro-science, but it won’t bore you. Instead, it will enlighten every parent, teacher, and student who has ever battled ADHD. It also provides a biological explanation for why study skills were so effective in helping me overcome my ADHD challenges.

Be sure to listen if…

  • You, a spouse, or a child are dealing with ADHD.
  • You’ve suspected ADHD in yourself, your spouse, or you child, but aren’t really sure.
  • You are a teacher or administrator.

I promise you…you’ve never heard anything like this before! To listen to the show, please click here.

To see how study skills work to build a detour around ADHD, click here.


Susan Kruger


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