Affiliate FAQs

Q:How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

You (the affiliate) place links on your website that drive traffic to our website (the merchant). In exchange, we give you a commission on every item purchased by a visitor who comes to us through your link. We provide you with all the banners, links, and other marketing materials you need to promote our products on your site. And our affiliate software makes it easy for you to check your sales, commissions, and payments twenty-four hours a day.

Q: How Do I Get Started as a SOAR® Study Skills Affiliate?

It’s easy! Just enroll here and we’ll send you all the information you need to start promoting SOAR® Study Skills products on your blog or website.

Q: How Do You Track Sales That Come From My Site?

When you sign up, you’ll be given a unique affiliate code, and all of the banner and graphic links provided to you will link to your affiliate account. Our affiliate software can then track all the traffic coming from your site. And the best part is that we maintain a LIFETIME “cookie.” That means that if you were the first person to refer a customer to the SOAR® Study Skills website, you will always be the referring affiliate, even if the customer makes a purchase a year later!

Q: What Is the Commission Rate? When and How Will I Get Paid?

SOAR® Study Skills offers a 15% commission on all purchases made through your unique affiliate link. Affiliates are paid via PayPal on a quarterly basis ($100 minimum; if minimum is not met, payments will be released annually in January).

Q: I Signed Up! What Do I Do Now?

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email containing all of the information you will need to start sharing with your friends and readers.

Q: I Need More Help!

Confused? You can contact us any time—we’re always here to answer your questions.


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