My Radio Interview – How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

How do you avoid the “brain drain” over the summer? This is the question I was asked to explore recently on the internet radio show, “What Really Matters.” You can access the full podcast from here:

The show hosts, Vicky and Jen, are women after my own heart because they focus on REAL and SIMPLE strategies. During this 48-minute show, I spoke honestly from the perspective of a parent, who also happens to be an educator.

We explored a variety of topics related to summer success. Here is the show’s index:

00:24 Intro: Summer Brain Drain
01:40 Why Summer Learning?
02:35 Remedial or Engagement
07:39 Time for a BREAK
09:09 Hiring a Tutor
15:50 How Much is Too Much
23:17 About Susan Kruger
27:03 Fun Learning Resources
30:52 Passion for Reading
36:19 Handwriting is Key
39:26 Math Made Fun

Take a few minutes to download the podcast and listen to it within the next week. You can listen while you are in the car or in the kitchen; it’s a great way to pass the time while tending to some of the daily, mundane chores we all have to do!

Personally, I think Vicky & Jen are the best at providing practical and down-to-earth resources for parents. They have podcasts on hundreds of parenting topics, so be sure to search for other resources, as well. Once again, you can find our interview at:

-Susan Kruger


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