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Susan Kruger was featured in this article in the Associated Press.

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ADHD Study Skills Breakthrough: Fewer Steps Lead to Greater Learning

Popular ADDitude article illustrates how the simplest approach, backed by SOAR®’s proven solutions for student achievement, support the “ADHD brain.”

Parents and teachers who want a student with ADHD to do better in school should get to know the ADHD brain, states a breakthrough article recently published by ADDitude Magazine. The author, Susan Kruger, M.Ed., is founder of SOAR® Learning, Inc., a leading resource for study skills and study skill curriculum for ADHD students. The article provides a simple explanation about the brain biology of ADHD then clearly illustrates how to work with that biology to maximize learning power.

Documented as the most-read feature in the winter 2012 issue of ADDitude, the leading resource for families and adults with ADHD and learning challenges, “To Succeed in School, Simplify”  is sending a clear message to parents and educators of ADHD children. Simplifying study skills and adopting very specific habits reduces stress on the ADHD brain — and that’s important because the less stress on the brain, the greater the chances of it making the necessary learning connections.

To illustrate her point, Kruger likens the brain and its connections to a strand of holiday lights. If any connection fails due to power or wiring problems, the whole strand goes dark. Likewise, any stress on the brain can result in a system failure, making it hard for the brain to make connections. The trick is to keep the lights on, tapping powerful solutions that don’t tax the brain but maximize the success rate of the connections, so goals and learning are achieved.

“When it comes to ADHD and classroom achievement, you’ve got to understand the importance of simplicity,” Kruger says. “It’s a unique biological need for these students because they physically lack the proper brain chemicals fueling the brain; even the simplest task requires a lot of commands from the brain. So, anything with more than a few steps becomes a serious challenge for their brains.”

Kruger recommends a three-step plan in the article, plus SOAR®’s ADHD School Success Kit now called our app, which is designed with simplicity in mind. Developed by Kruger, who has both a professional background in education and personal experience mastering ADHD, the kit is making such a difference for ADHD students that she’s been recognized as a leader in her field from a number of notable ADHD authorities and sources. In fact, ADDitude Magazine recently named Kruger their “Education Expert” and featured her in a popular webinar dedicated to people and families with ADHD and learning disabilities.

“Whether it’s issues with homework or just getting organized for school, the goal here is to eliminate unnecessary steps with a number of shortcuts and improve brain power,” Kruger concludes. “Do that and you’ll get more than better grades — you’ll gain renewed self-esteem that will motivate your child to continue pushing, achieving and excelling.”

About SOAR®

SOAR® is the brainchild of Susan Kruger, who has transformed her life’s experiences and successes with ADHD into an opportunity to help others with ADHD. A certified teacher with a master’s degree as a Reading/Learning Specialist, Kruger is now a coach, speaker and the creator of many ADHD programs and resources, including SOAR® Study Skills, the bestselling study skills book in the world. Most recently, she has been endorsed by the world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell, and she is a regularly featured education expert with ADDitude Magazine.


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