How to Pace Instruction of SOAR® Curriculum

We often get questions about how to pace the SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills curriculum. Every teacher has a different schedule, but Susan provides some guidelines in this video:

In this video, Susan goes over how to customize the curriculum and manage the pacing by dividing available instruction time across sections of the program.

See our Pacing Guide for more detailed recommendations on how to schedule lessons for a variety of time parameters.

If you’re slim on time, use the student workbook as the core content. The chapters on “Writing Papers” and “How to Give a Presentation” are best used in conjunction with pre-established assignments in the curriculum. For these chapters, team up with other content-area teachers. The “How to Use Language Resources” chapter is for reference only, so it does not require additional instructional time.

If you need more material to fill your time, we recommend:

  • Group discussions, guided & independent practice, and 1-1 meetings; more details here.
  • Additional Resources, as posted in the Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide.


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