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What Are the Skills Students Need to Succeed in High School?

So much has changed from the days of a single textbook and a classroom teacher.  Today’s modern student is simply not equipped with the necessary skills to organize, process, manage, prioritize and learn from the massive amounts of information they encounter.

That’s why The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills Curriculum (aka SOAR® Study Skills Curriculum) teaches the most critical learning, organizing, and communication skills needed to be successful in high school and then later in high school and the workplace. Those skills include:

  • Identify students' strengths & “SuperPowers” (according to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences)
  • Set goals
  • Establish priorities
  • Manage time
  • Organize papers, desks, lockers, & other space
  • Speak & listen effectively
  • Work with teachers & peers
  • Read and understand textbooks
  • Take notes
  • Study for tests
  • Write research papers
  • Prepare for presentations
  • Track long-term goals

Why is SOAR® is Perfect for High School?

For many students the transition from middle to high school brings about a great amount of change and additional pressures. Learning study skills in high school prepares young adults by giving them the skills they need to be successful in high school, college, and even their careers. It’s not a stretch to say that these study skills could be one of the greatest determinants for success in the lives of these high school students.

Furthermore, SOAR® prides itself on being student friendly and efficient.  That’s specifically why we do NOT recommend burdening students with different study skills for different subjects.  SOAR® has masterfully identified the essential, 80/20 skills that bring proven results in every subject.  Plus, when students focus on the most essential skills, they also develop mastery, which leads to years of successful learning outcomes in school and even into the workplace.

What Materials Are Included in SOAR®?

All curriculum packages include an optional license for a set of student workbooks and/or set of student app licenses along with our Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide:

SOAR CurriculumSOAR® Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide

The Multi-Media Teacher’s Guide (MMTG) is a complete resource kit!
It includes:

  • Ready-to-go lesson plans.
  • 240+ done-for-you slides with interactive visuals for guiding instruction.
  • Multiple assessments.
  • Clean, bright, colorful presentation. Great for visual learners.
  • Additional online resources tie the SOAR strategies to the “real-world.”
  • A lot of support! Comprehensive instructor support is included.

“The Teacher’s Guide is very user-friendly and convenient. My students like the language and identify with the skills they need to work on as they go through high school.”
                   – Meghan S., Intervention Specialist

“Thank you so much for this valuable resource! I’m teaching a new study skills course this year. The (resources) you provide are invaluable. These materials are lifesavers… literally!”
                   – Deb P., Middle School Teacher

SOAR® Student Workbook

Our award-winning workbook guides high school students through the core strategies with practical application. Each section is written in a clear, succinct, and professional manner. The book includes many visuals and diagrams to provide support for struggling readers and enriched examples for more advanced students.

“I was getting C’s and D’s. Now I’m getting A’s and B’s! I learned how to be organized and how to study… it has made such a difference!” – Katie H., 11th grade student

“I am reading chapters in my textbooks now! It’s really easy and really helps me study for tests!” – Keith Schwartz, 6th grade student

SOAR® Student App

The app covers the entire SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills workbook, presented as a self-guided course.

The Online App Includes:
✓ Interactive content/games, providing immediate feedback
✓ “How-to” videos, illustrating strategies
✓ Fully narrated slides, for reading support
✓ Quizzes/assessments, to ensure understanding of material
✓ Badges & certificates awarded for achievements
✓ Easy access from any computer or mobile device

To explore the App further, click here.

What Does the SOAR® Curriculum Cost?

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The SOAR® Guarantee

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