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Susan Kruger Winter, M.Ed.

Letter to a Young-Adult Child of an Alcoholic

August 3, 2011

My mom is a physician with a specialist certification in chemical-dependency. Lately, she and my father have spent a lot of time trying to help a relative who, apparently, has been battling alcoholism for several years. You would never know it to know her. She is a dynamic woman; very smart, hard-working, and a dedicated…

A State-Championship, A Dragon, and Noah Webster

August 3, 2011

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! There are a few lose ends to tie up from last week. THE DRAGONS WON! On Friday, I mentioned we were gearing up to see our hometown football team play in the state championship on Saturday. The game was played on the home field of the Detroit Lions,…

Lombardi-isms: Lessons to Learn From Football

August 3, 2011

My husband’s high school is playing in the state football competition tomorrow! We are quite excited to see the Lake Orion Dragons perform on the home field of the Detroit Lions and sure hope to see them bring home a victory! In honor of our community’s celebration, I want to share some quotes from one…

Highlighting & Talking: Suggestions for Sierra Leone

August 3, 2011

I know that everyone has their minds on “turkey,” but I only received one response to Creative Ideas Needed for Orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The idea comes from Laura H. (not to be confused with the Laura who is working with the orphanage in Sierra Leone): Highlighting “Not sure how helpful this may…

Creative Ideas Needed for Orphans in Sierra Leone, West Africa

August 3, 2011

I had to make a “last-minute” road-trip to meet my new niece today; I am now an “aunt” for the first time! Baby Katelyn is adorable and a truly wonderful Thanksgiving gift! As I held that beautiful newborn this morning, I thought about the blessings she already has in life, including her two loving parents…

Why Teachers Feel So Ineffective!

August 3, 2011

“A good teacher is a self-abuser!” One of my grad-school professors said this in class years ago. I was still teaching full-time and his words pierced right through me! “Yes!” I thought, “that is so right!” I came home every day, frustrated that I didn’t get to something I wanted to cover that day or…

95% Rant and 5% “Morale.”

August 3, 2011

Warning: today’s message is 95% rant and 5% “morale.” It’s been a rough day!

How to Improve Motivation

August 3, 2011

Can you think of a few times in your life when you felt particularly good about yourself…when your “self-esteem” meter was on the rise? What inspired those feelings? Every one of those memories is likely tied to an accomplishment you made in some way, shape, or form; a result of effort and work on your…

You’re From Detroit???

August 3, 2011

Yesterday, I took a walk down memory lane, visiting a special store called The Detroit Shoppe. I was inspired to share some thoughts about what makes me proud to be from Detroit. I was chaperoning a field trip with my husband’s marketing class to a local shopping center that is a national attraction, Somerset Collection.…

What to Do When Students Are Not Motivated!

August 3, 2011

Motivation! Ah…if I had the magic pill that would light a fire under students and children, I would certainly bottle it instead of writing these articles in the wee hours of the morning and night. This is a hot topic and the root of several questions I have received since announcing this project a couple…

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