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Susan Kruger Winter, M.Ed.

Negative Attitudes from Parents and Teachers

October 4, 2011

Last week, I shared suggestions to improve students’ attitudes towards study skills. But, students are not the only ones with poor attitudes. I recently received an email from Jean*. Jean is a teacher who is battling a few roadblocks while teaching study skills during her “Study Skills” class. Yes, that is right. Jean is responsible…

The Cost of NOT Teaching Study Skills

October 4, 2011

As school budgets are rapidly shrinking, administrators have to carefully consider how to allocate their budget; they need to get the most “bang for their buck.” Managing a school budget is an art form involving hundreds of decisions and balancing dozens of demands. “How Can We Make the Greatest Impact?” This question is usually the…

How to Improve Students’ Attitudes Towards Study Skills

September 27, 2011

Study skills have earned a bad “rap” over the years for many reasons: Students think they are “boring” because many boring things are lumped together with study skills. Students think they mean a lot of extra work because many of the “free” study skills online are very labor-intensive and time-intensive. Students think they must be…

SOAR Is in the News!

September 20, 2011

I’m from the Detroit area and our local economy, like many others, has been hit hard lately. People from the Motor City are working hard to re-innovate themselves and the community. It’s an energizing time to be a part of this town (especially now that our baseball team has just clinched the American League Central…

McDonald’s, Gillette, and Study Skills

September 13, 2011

Twenty-five years before Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s store, he was a struggling “paper cup” salesman in Chicago. It was 1930; the country was in the midst of the prohibition era and soda fountains were rapidly expanding as an alternative to bars. Walgreen’s was leading the way, opening new stores and soda fountains at…

Cost of NOT Teaching Study Skills & Ask the Author

September 6, 2011

I know that many schools across the country have been in session for a few weeks now, but I just sent my kids off to school for the “first day” today. It’s hard to believe that fall is “unofficially” here! To kick off the new school year, I have a couple of resources for you…

September, 2011: Oakland County Prosper

September 1, 2011

Susan Kruger was featured in this article in Oakland County Prosper. SOAR® Learning teaches the building blocks to success   by Ashley C. Woods They say it on the playground — it takes one to know one. Reflecting on the astronomical success of SOAR® Learning, Inc., a Lake Orion-based start-up with an innovative curriculum that…

“The Cue to Reading” Series (Article 10): Creating Effective Lessons for a LD Student

August 30, 2011

When my son was a few months old and I was a new mom, I had no idea how or when to introduce him to solid foods. I fell asleep one night in the midst of reading an article about the topic. The article explained that solid foods should be introduced in very small bites,…

“The Cue to Reading” Series (Article 9): Strategies for the Three Cueing Systems – Part II

August 29, 2011

As promised last week, I will share effective strategies for the remaining two cueing systems today. However, I’d like to begin with a story about a powerful way to support struggling readers…that I discovered by accident. Several years ago, I had a third-grade student, Emilia (name changed) who had very few reading skills. She could…

“The Cue to Reading” Series (Article 8): Strategies for the Three Cueing Systems

August 16, 2011

Two weeks ago, our computers were down and my productivity came to a grinding halt. (Perhaps you noticed that I skipped a week with these articles…) With nothing else to do, we cleaned out our filing cabinets. One large drawer was overstuffed with reading materials from my days in the classroom. “This ought to be…

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