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A Message From the Founder of SOAR®!

As a thank-you for registering to win, you will also receive our guide, Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos: How To Organize & Motivate Students for Success via a series of emails free of charge.

I can only hope that “The Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos” will be the beginning of our relationship. The SOAR® team and I rely on your feedback, and thrive off the interaction with our SOAR® community. So please get involved and share your knowledge on our Facebook page,

With your participation, comes ours. The tips and strategies I share in the “The Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos” all played a vital role in the creation of my worldwide “best-selling” book, SOAR® Study Skills.

These six steps are only the first steps to conquering the chaos. Think of it as a patch for a leaking boat, instead of a brand new shiny boat. It is a quick source of help, but there are more long-term outcomes that your child can truly achieve.

I want you and your child to succeed in both school and life.

The secret to success is knowing how to learn! I know I know, you’re probably thinking, “That’s why I send them to school…to learn!” Yes, but school does not teach students *how* to learn…only *what* to learn.

The MISSING LINK in education is here! Follow the simple SOAR® systems and find your undiscovered brilliance, today! Yes, it is really that easy!

“Bottom line: Get the book; you won’t be sorry. We’ve only had it for under a week, and it has already proven its worth 10 times over.”

– Sharmian L. White, SOAR® Parent

Why SOAR®?

  • Raise Test Scores in every subject area.
  • Raise Writing Scores in a single semester.
  • Raise GPA by more than 1 GPA* and school confidence.
  • Master Executive Function techniques for improved intelligence.
  • Gain High-Speed Learning techniques that cut back study-time, as much as 50%.
  • And achieve Better grades… in less time.

*Averages based on independent effectiveness study by Maeser Academy in Orem, UT.

How can SOAR® guarantee all of this? It’s simple, SOAR® teaches what your school does NOT. And that is… how to learn. It is the most essential, fundamental, and basic element to any education, but schools don’t address it. National and state curriculum is demanding schools to cover increasingly heavier amounts of content. Teachers have no time-or training-in how to teach these vital, life-long learning skills.

“SOAR® has been a Godsend to our family…You have no idea! My son has not lost one assignment or forgotten anything at school since I set him up with your Binder System. You really demonstrated how to simplify the organizational process and I am so grateful to have found something that finally works!”

– Paul K., Middle School Parent

Alright class, so what is the missing link in education? HOW TO LEARN! Very good! Check out the list below to find 10 strategies you can be learning with SOAR® Study Skills, today.

Do you struggle with test-taking? Flip to page 92. Begin to discover the tips and tricks you can use immediately, for test taking success.

Do you lose easy points for missing assignments? Turn to page 43, and follow the easy to read step-by-step instructions to paper organization mastery. Then, say goodbye to zeros and missing assignments once and for all.

10 Strategies covered in SOAR®:

1. Time & Task-Management

2. Organizing at Home & School

3. Writing Strategies

4. Note-Taking Strategies

5. Test-Taking Strategies

6. Paper Organization

7. Homework & Project Planning

8. Communication Skills

9. Reading Skills

10. Goal-Setting

The strategies in this book are appropriate for students in: upper elementary, middle school, high school, & college.

Is the education system setting kids up for failure? Students are learning LOTS of new technical knowledge each semester. But, very few are able to juggle their new knowledge, time, and tasks all at once. Organizing papers, managing time, managing tasks, taking tests, taking notes, studying, communicating, organizing at home. These are all HUGE functions in everyday school-life. Students struggle in school…not because of their lack of intelligence, but because they haven’t been taught how to learn!

Special Features:

  • Tips for students who live in two homes.
  • Guidelines for students with ADD/ADHD.
  • Guidelines to help parents & educators use this book effectively with students.

Students must learn the skills needed for success in school and in the work place; organization, communication, time-management, and task-management skills.

Once your child learns these skills, they will be way ahead of the curve in both school and the workplace.

What can these skills do for your child or students? Raise them to the top of their class, earn scholarships, and secure internships, job opportunities, and leadership roles…and as you know by now…they are not taught in school. These skills are the skills that make students stand out from the crowd.

My dream in life has been the same since I was a struggling student. As a student, teacher, mother, and business owner, I want people to have confidence in school and in life! I want them to feel pride in their success. There is a genius in everyone!

Welcome to the SOAR® community!


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