Susan Tells Personal Story of Struggle & Heartache to Help Her Son

Media Mentions of book, Women on Fire Vol 2. Reads, "As seen in: MORE, Martha, Marie Claire, ABC News, and NPR."I am proud to be a part of Women on Fire, an organization that provides support, strategies, and inspiration for thousands of women around the globe. Susan Kruger-Winter, co-author of Women on Fire Vol 2 BookThe group was started by life/executive coach, Debbie Phillips in 2003, after she noticed that her hard-working, successful clients suffered in isolation. Now, thousands of women are part of the Women on Fire circle of connection and support.

When Debbie asked me to share my story in her latest book, Women on Fire Volume 2, I jumped at the opportunity! This inspiring book is a collection of stories from 21 dynamic women sharing personal stories of heartache, loss, discovery…and finding freedom, compassion, and joy on the other side.

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Today’s woman strives to fulfill an ever-growing list of roles, including mother, wife, sister, daughter, caregiver, colleague, and friend. But when life presents the most daunting challenges affecting family, health, career, and dreams, it can be hard to know where to turn. She may long to hear a calming voice of reason that says, “I’ve been through this too, and everything will be alright.”

Women on Fire Volume 2 provides 21 such voices, each one belongs to a courageous woman who chose to share her story of heartache, loss, and discovery in the hopes of saving you years of struggle. In the book, you’ll meet someone just like you who battled her way through obstacles to find a life of freedom, compassion, and joy on the other side.

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