SOAR® Success Kit Has Been Replaced

We are no longer selling Success Kits, because we have an even better solution available for you! We discovered it is most economical for you to obtain the physical materials directly, rather than SOAR marking-up the prices to account for our warehousing, fulfilling, and shipping expenses.

If you would like to build your own Success Kit, we have easily accessible links for the Success Kit Supplies! And, don’t forget a Study Skills Workbook to teach you how to use them. However, an even more effective solution is our SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills App. Read more about it below…

The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills App = Simplicity!

Covers the entire SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills workbook, presented as a self-guided course.
The Online App Includes:
  • Interactive content and games
  • “How-to” videos, illustrating strategies
  • Fully narrated slides, for reading support
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Badges and certificates awarded
  • Easy access from any device


How frustrating is it when your child or teen doesn’t know what they have for homework?

Or, they don’t know where it is.
Or, they know where their homework is, but it’s at school.
Or, maybe they know what their homework is, they brought everything home, and they did their work. You think it was a success-story only to learn a week or two later that the assignment was never turned in.

Your child/teen may also struggle with studying. They may not know how to prepare for a test. They may get very anxious about tests. Or, perhaps they spend hours studying, feeling miserable throughout the whole process.

On top of all of this, they are out of motivation! You feel like you are the only one who cares and you’re fighting an uphill battle. In quicksand.

You’ve asked why this is happening a million different ways. And you just can’t get a solid answer from your child. Teachers say, “He’s just not applying himself or working to his potential.”

It’s Not Your Child; It’s the Tools He’s Using!

Students are overloaded with transitions! They move from home to school, from locker to class, class to locker, locker to another class, lunch, back to locker, another few classes, and home again.

Each class has a different teacher with a different perspective on how to best organize and learn. But, since teachers are not trained in how to optimize learning and organizing, most of their recommendations are complex and time-intensive.

Brain research now shows us the key to successful organizing and learning strategies is to have simple tools and strategies for organizing and learning.

Simple as in… *fewest* number of steps possible.

When simplicity is applied to strategies, students SOAR!

  • A study published by Ohio State University found that students who learned these strategies become 600% more likely to graduate from college than peers who did not learn such strategies.
  • A middle school in Utah found the average GPA for their entire student body rose by ONE FULL POINT after teaching these skills!

Your Child/Teen Does NOT Need to Struggle!

You know your child is not working to potential in school. You’re frustrated and they are frustrated, too.

The truth is, school has NEVER taught them how to learn or organize.

The Solution Is Simplicity.

Simplify the supplies and steps required to be organized.

Simplify the learning process to make use of how the brain naturally works.

The SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills App = Simplicity!

The app covers the entire SOAR® Learning & Soft Skills workbook, presented as a self-guided course.
The Online App Includes:

  • Interactive content/games, providing immediate feedback
  • “How-to” videos, illustrating strategies
  • Fully narrated slides, for reading support
  • Quizzes/assessments, to ensure understanding of material
  • Badges & certificates awarded for achievements
  • Easy access from any computer or mobile device

Proven to Be Ultra-Efficient & Effective…

Our strategies for organizing and learning are documented to be 2-5x more effective:

  • The SOAR®Binder System reduces the # of steps required to organize papers by 77%, making the process 440% more efficient!
  • The SOAR®Planner System reduces the # of steps required to use a planner by 72%, making that process 360% more efficient!
  • Students report that our text-book reading strategy immediately improves their comprehension by more than double while slashing their reading speed in half!With one simple strategy, reading textbooks goes from painful to simple.

Satisfaction guaranteed! 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

Get started on the path to school success with simplicity! Get your SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App today!


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