Six Steps To Conquer The Chaos

How to Motivate & Organize Students for Success

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Over the years, I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations with parents and educators. Two specific questions consistently emerge as the most significant points of pain and frustration…

“How do I motivate my child (or students)?”
“How can I help my child get organized?”

I have found myself repeating the same answers so many times that I finally combined them into one specific guide, Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos: How to Organize and Motivate Students for Success!

This FREE GUIDE is for parents, teachers, administrators, tutors, and students. It includes simple and student-friendly strategies to promote motivation, show students *how* to learn, and be organized for success. It’s also great for students with ADHD and LD (learning disabilities), too!

I Promise to Deliver Quality Information That You Haven’t Heard Anywhere Else!

To take advantage of these life-changing tips and perspectives, you just have to take 3 to 5 minutes to read the emails as you receive them.

Why Do I Send Each Step On a Different Day?

I have been studying the brain for a long time, and the brain loves getting time to process information. I’ve worked hard to pare this information down to the most essential steps for you, because I know you are like me, very busy!

Even though these Six Steps will only take you a few minutes to read each day, your brain will need time to let the information settle in. Like good coffee, the brain needs some time to percolate… and “brew” its understanding of each step before adding the next one.

Let’s Start With Motivation…

For example, most parents are really concerned about “motivation.” They feel like they are constantly prodding their child along, nudging them to do well in school, or simply to avoid falling apart. At the end of the day, they feel like they are constantly fighting hard for something that their child doesn’t want. Sound familiar?

I’ve been dealing with the issue of motivation since I met my first tutoring client nearly 20 years ago. He didn’t want to be there. Neither have the vast majority of the students in my study skills classes ever since.

But, I have a “magic bullet” for turning 80% of them around into eager participants within the first 5 minutes of class.

I have another “magic bullet” for turning the remaining 20% of them around in the first few classes.

What are these secrets? They aren’t rocket science. In fact, they’re so simple that you probably won’t believe their power at first—but let my nearly 20 years of success motivating students give you faith!

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Six Steps to
Conquer the Chaos

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