Does Your School Have the Right Equipment to Stay Secure?

Like many parents, the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy prompted me to wonder about the safety of my children’s school.  Are the students and staff prepared for an intruder?  Do they have a lockdown procedure?  Have they done lockdown drills?

However, one thing that never crossed my mind was, “Do they have the right locks?”

school safety

Does your school have the right locks to stay secure? Seconds save lives when an intruder attacks! This inexpensive Kindle book helps ensure your school is properly equipped.

I would have never questioned the locks if it were not for my good friend, Dave Jabas.  Dave has been a commercial locksmith since 1977.  He has been called upon to handle high-profile jobs such as securing special command units for the Vancouver Winter Olympics only a few months following the terrorist attacks of 9-11.  His expertise has also been called upon from locations all across the world including hospitals in American Samoa, branches of the US Military, Baghdad, Guam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Dubai, and Vietnam.

Obviously, Dave’s experience gives him a very unique perspective on how to help protect students from a school intruder.  As a result, he wrote a short Kindle book, We Can Protect Our Children, to spread this important information to school officials.  As of today, the book is available for only $0.99.  (Amazon may raise the price to $1.99 in the future.)  The book will take less than 20 minutes to read, but it provides valuable information regarding the most reliable equipment for a lock-down situation.

In the book, Dave provides his email address and offers to review pictures of the locks in your school building.  He will personally evaluate them and help you figure out your best options for keeping students safe.  Dave’s time is valuable.  His expertise is usually expensive.  But, he’s donating his time to keep our children safe.

Reports on how the perpetrator gained access to Sandy Hook will remain conflicting for a while.  Certainly, it sounds like he was a recognized individual and was therefore trusted.  Obviously, we can’t prevent all tragedies.  But, when a school is under attack, every second can save a life if the staff and students have some preparation…and the correct equipment.

If you are a parent, share this book with school administration.  Chances are, they have consulted with local authorities over lock-down procedures, but may not have consulted over the proper locks to secure buildings and classrooms. Take advantage of Dave’s expertise to ensure your school is best equipped to protect your students and children!

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-Susan Kruger


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